2019 Art, Design and Architecture Graduate Show

The School of Art, Design and Architecture Graduate Show is an inspiring exhibition of work from our final year students across the University of Plymouth School of Art, Design and Architecture. It showcases the impressive creativity, innovation, and talent of our students across a wide spectrum of disciplines, from architecture and design to media and photography.

The Graduate Show is a flagship event in the city-wide Ignite Festival of Creativity, which over two weeks showcase the skills and knowledge available through Plymouth’s leading creative institutions, students, alumni and local practitioners, it will also celebrate partnerships with key economic sectors and their combined contributions to making the city a flourishing, innovative and dynamic place to live, work and visit. The Ignite Festival is led by a partnership between the University of Plymouth, Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth City Council as part of the iMayflower project, the Ignite Festival is supported by funding from the Cultural Development Fund through Arts Council England and DCMS.

Work displayed at Graduate Show 2018
Change-of-Art, student work on display at the 2018 Graduate Show
Architecture student work at the Graduate Show 2018

The Show presents the creative work of our final year students, and the public are invited to join them and celebrate the artistic talent in Plymouth and the region.

Part of the show’s aim is to boost employability for those about to graduate. The event benefits students by giving them exposure, and offering an opportunity to exhibit, discuss and sell their work as budding professional artists and practitioners.

The public gets a chance to discover and, if they want to, to buy new work, and businesses and employers are able to interact with potential new recruits.

“It’s a great way of showcasing our graduates to local businesses. We want to try to keep as much of the talent coming out of the School in the region as possible, and really give a boost to the creative industries sector locally and regionally. This is a good opportunity for employers to come and see what our graduates can offer, if they need new staff".

Head of School Professor Chris Bennewith.