Ashita Gupta
Miranda Spicer

In a large institution, such as University of Plymouth, significant work has been carried out in order to attempt a more inclusive culture and atmosphere for both staff and students. Until ours, and other universities, follow through on inclusivity to include diversity in senior roles, is it imperative that action and training both remain paramount, and budget is required to follow through. Targeted decision making can result in positive culture change, but the will has to be there, with strong leadership in place.

Miranda SpicerMiranda Spicer
Associate Head of School - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Heidi Morstang

As a documentary filmmaker and photographer, I am interested in how we interact and intervene with landscape through specialist subject knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of current environmental challenges. Working in interdisciplinary research teams has broadened my understanding of the wider world, and I embed this in my teaching practice with the focus that we need new knowledge for our future.

Heidi MorstangHeidi Morstang
Associate Professor in Photography

Sana Murrani

Throughout the last decade of my career as an academic and a researcher, I benefited from supportive school managers who provided opportunities for me to lead and progress through promotion whilst having two small children under the age of eight. I am now leading a research network, have 4* research outputs and have been successful at research grant capture.

Sana MurraniSana Murrani
Associate Professor (Spatial Practice)