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An environment that provides such rich settings for study, work and play, our location is hard to beat for outstanding natural beauty.

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Interdisciplinary Strategic Institutes

Our diverse research spans three Strategic Institutes. Collaborative endeavour in rich, natural environments drives solutions to global challenges.

Marine Institute
Marine, maritime, education and innovation expertise integrates to train scientists, engineers, policymakers, artists, technicians and business.

Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research
Transformations in life course, ageing, methodologies, e-health, technology and interventions in health, social care, lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

Sustainable Earth Institute
Science, engineering, arts, humanities, health and business, with community, businesses and individuals, innovate to build resilience for our planet.

What's coming up

Life on the ice: snow, water, and mosquito bites

POD: Student Life Festival 2020

10 August 2020 14:00 - 14:30

Groundbreaking discoveries: putting an end to plastic soup in our seas

“Fibres from clothing are a key source of microplastics, and companies are inventing ways which claim to reduce the amount entering wastewater. We wanted to see how effective they were..."

Dr Imogen Napper's study on how effective devices are in reducing laundry fibres

Research Fellow. National Geographic Explorer. Sky Ocean Rescue Scholar.

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