Athena Swan award in Art, Design and Architecture

The School of Art, Design and Architecture Equality and Diversity Committee aims to champion and support a culture of participation and inclusivity, and to communicate and raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion. The Committee discusses, implements, promotes and monitors school level actions aimed at improving the working and learning environment for academics, professional services staff and students.

Membership is diverse, covering different levels of the faculty and all subject areas. The Committee includes colleagues from all areas of the school and includes colleagues from professional services, academia and the student cohort. It also includes advisory representation from human resources and from an external advisor.

Athena Swan Bronze Award 

We hold an Athena Swan Bronze Award from the Equality Challenge Unit (November 2018). Advance HE’s Athena Swan Charter is a framework which is used across the globe to support and transform gender equality within HE and research.
In order to achieve the Athena Swan Bronze Award we had to satisfy or exceed a variety of exacting criteria, introduce ways of working which are sustainable and create an environment for equal opportunity. Athena Swan has allowed us to facilitate changes to support female staff, as well as those who have caring responsibilities and require flexible working. We continue to support staff and make changes that will benefit all and advance gender equality, as we work towards a Silver Award.
athena swan bronze

Women in the School of Art, Design and Architecture

Liz Wells

Professor Liz Wells 

Professor in Photographic Culture
"Our research culture, especially the contributions of artists, writers, doctoral and Masters students clustered in relation to Land/Water and the Visual Arts, offers a supportive community of scholars within which to develop, test, extend and critically reflect upon my research, writing and exhibition curation."
Polly Macpherson

Polly Macpherson

Associate Head of School
Associate Professor of Design
"As a creative collaborator my faculty has supported me to explore, cultivate and grow opportunities which have hugely developed me both personally and professionally."
Sana Murrani

Dr Sana Murrani 

Associate Professor (Spatial Practice)
Associate Head of School for Graduate Affairs
"Throughout the last decade of my career as an academic and a researcher, I benefited from supportive school managers who provided opportunities for me to lead and progress through promotion whilst having two small children under the age of eight. I am now leading a research network, have 4* research outputs and have been successful at research grant capture."
Heidi Morstang

Dr Heidi Morstang 

Associate Professor in Photography
"As a documentary filmmaker and photographer, I am interested in how we interact and intervene with landscape through specialist subject knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of current environmental challenges. Working in interdisciplinary research teams has broadened my understanding of the wider world, and I embed this in my teaching practice with the focus that we need new knowledge for our future."

Subject Assessment Team members

If you have any queries about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Art, Design and Architecture please contact the Senior Administrator Equality and Diversity Support Stacey Bains