Architecture studio space in Roland Levinsky Building - preparation for the graduate show

Our designated architecture studio spaces provide a unique learning environment. A range of well-resourced specialist laboratory, computer-aided design (CAD), and materials workshop facilities are all in close proximity, putting industry standard facilities at your fingertips.

Access your own desk in the studios seven days a week, so you can work whenever you feel inspired in our eye-catching Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business building. You’ll be part of a vibrant, creative community alongside students and staff from fine art, art and performance, graphics and photography, 3D design and humanities.

Our studios, labs and workshops

Designed to further your learning and development, our studios and laboratories offer more than general computer provision. We’ve equipped them with industry standard, specialist software and regularly update them, so they’re always current. You’ll also have access to our high specification production facilities – from wood and metalwork to 3D printing. Step into our studio spaces and you can:

  • Benefit from exclusive access to computers in the design studios and 24 hour library access.
  • Experiment with constantly updated computers using both Microsoft Windows and Mac systems.
  • Enjoy the use of photographic studios and dark rooms.
  • Explore a wide range of software; from AutoCAD, Sketch Up, Adobe Photoshop and Revit, to advanced simulation software such as THERM and IES. You’ll also be exposed to SAP calculations.
  • Get hands-on in our excellent materials and model making workshops, staffed by our friendly and approachable technicians. Here you’ll find facilities for; Computer Numerical Control (CNC), laser cutting, wood steam bending and digital making, including a ceramics 3D printer.


You’ll also have access to our extensive library and learning facilities including:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Podcasts
  • Books, publications and electronic journals