Project by Jane Deane. Image by Polly Macpherson.

Project by Jane Deane. Image by Polly Macpherson.

Our knowledge exchange activity is driven by staff who use a cross-disciplinary approach to explore, develop and share innovative solution-based ideas. We make impactful contributions to our local business and civic communities, dealing with global grand challenges.
The University of Plymouth is a civic university and our socio-economic impact can be seen regionally and globally. The faculty works across the University's three strategic research institutes, our contributions cover a range of themes as below:

The Bridge

The Bridge drives Knowledge Exchange, Impact and Placemaking initiatives for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business.

Our team brings together academia (researchers, students, technical and professional services staff) with communities, organisations, businesses and the self-employed in order to exchange ideas and expertise.

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Knowledge exchange

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