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Here at the University of Plymouth, we've built one of the most established suites of interactive media courses in Europe, including BSc/BA (Hons) Digital Media Design (previously Digital Art and Technology) BA Game Arts & Design, MA Experience Design and MA Game Design. Our programmes include an exciting mix of art, design and technology, underpinned by the expertise of computer scientists, electronic engineers and artificial intelligence researchers. This fast-paced industry encompasses a wide range of people and organisations from web design companies to games production houses, digital television producers to art galleries and museums, and mobile communication developers to researchers. A common theme running through the industry is a requirement for innovative, interdisciplinary practitioners with strong technical and imaginative ideas; for those bright individuals rewarding careers await.
The work of our students and graduates has always been imaginative and thought provoking, whether very artistic or very industrially orientated (or both!). Our digital design students are able to operate at the technical depth that industry demands, with creative insights that generate innovative solutions. Our specialist courses, all designed to challenge, work alongside each other sharing the common philosophy of preparing our students for the workplace.

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Resurgam – A new type of adventure is born.

Developed through a collaboration between i-DAT (the research area of Digital Design), StoryJuice, and Mutant Labs (a company set up by graduates from our Digital Design area), Resurgam is Plymouth’s first location-based, multiplatform, live gaming experience, involving hundreds of participants and performers, multiple sites and a high-octane, citywide narrative.
Resurgam - A new type of adventure is born.