BA (Hons) Dance
This module will develop students’ dance technique and physical skills through classes in jazz, ballet, contemporary dance and pilates. Students will engage with the aesthetic, technical and stylistic features of a variety of music theatre dance styles through the development of dance routines and combinations.

What to expect

As the first module students will work on at the University, students' technique levels will be assessed and a strategy developed to help them improve as practitioners and as musical theatre performers. Lecturers will specifically look at dance, ballet and jazz techniques and also choreography ability.  
In the first few weeks, there will be a lot of technique, strengthening and flexibility work with drills working on specific elements like turns and leaps. Students will then move on to learning repertory and considering how they can perform using all of their musical theatre skills, looking at how to interact with people and how to perform out to an audience, combing acting skills with dance technique.
Student performance, theatre, acting, musical theatre.

Previous repertoires studied include:

In musical theatre, at the moment there are many different types of dance so the more versatile the performers can be at the start of this three-year course, the better especially from a future employability stance.

Ellen CoultonEllen Coulton
Associate Lecturer

Dance trips and performance

Audition Ready!

The module aims to prepare students for auditions; what it feels like to be in that space, to try and pick up choreography quickly and feel confident so that they perform to the best of their ability. 
We add in elements that go beyond the usual to help our students standout such as acro – gymnastic tricks and consider the idea of being versatile by studying different styles and genres. 

Academic staff

This module is lead and taught by Ellen Coulton, Associate Lecturer at the School of Society and Culture.