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Want to expand your horizons by travelling abroad as part of your studies? Or join the University of Plymouth on an exchange or as a Freemover student?

Seize the opportunity to travel through our links with our partners and start your adventure.

You'll find student exchange opportunities with our partner universities in Europe, North America and the rest of the world and through ISEP, the International Student Exchange Program.

Freemover students

Freemover students are 'non-degree' students, making their own arrangements. As a Freemover student, you are not involved in an exchange programme and are required to pay a tuition fee at the University of Plymouth for the modules you study.

You can apply to study for one or two semesters and will need to submit an application confirming the modules you are interested in studying. 

After consultation with the department in question, and subject to entry requirements and any prerequisites for the modules, Freemovers can attend courses and lectures and acquire credit points.

Everything you need to know

Erasmus+ staff mobility

University of Plymouth

Academic, professional and support staff can access grants to explore best practices and gain professional development through teaching or training at another partner university or organisation in Europe under the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.

Exchange partners

So what are the benefits in taking part in an international exchange?

Students and staff from both the University of Plymouth and our international partners explain the benefits of taking part in an international exchange.