Students working in knowledge exchange with the Bridge.
Partnerships play an important role in the life of the University, enhancing our student experience, teaching and research.
Collaborating with our partners provides the best all-round university experience, enabling students to make a real contribution whilst gaining transformational new skills, confidence and connections towards graduate employment. 

Business partnerships

Partner with us through Enterprise Solutions
Learn how your organisation can benefit from connecting and collaborating with the University of Plymouth. Enterprise Solutions can help you discover student talent, access our facilities, connect with our expertise and engage in professional development.
The Bridge
The Bridge drives knowledge exchange, impact and placemaking initiatives for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business.
3D printer in a digital fabrication lab

Research partnerships

The University of Plymouth engages in a number of research partnerships with other universities, businesses and groups to work towards mutually beneficial outcomes. We bring together our strengths and resources to advance research, share knowledge and create impact.

Our partnerships with academic institutions

The University works with education and commercial organisations to extend and enhance opportunities for students and organisations in the UK and globally.
We seek to develop strategic relationships with partner institutions of scale and significance, which have strategic importance or potential to the University within the UK and in Transnational Education. As the changing HE environment develops we are also deliberately seeking ways to ensure maximum mutual benefit with our regional Further Education Colleges.
International students sat at a table completing forms at international welcome week.