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Professional development can help you become a better practitioner, enhance your career prospects or simply help to make you feel more confident about your work and make it more personally fulfilling. Whilst professional development is an important part of our working lives, it also represents a means for employers to support their staff. 
At the University of Plymouth, we are fully committed to the provision of appropriate, effective and relevant professional development opportunities that enable individuals, employers and University staff to succeed.
The range of professional development activities that we offer is diverse, flexible and varied. 
CPD can be as simple as developing your practical skills through highly focused short courses or they may be designed to increase your theoretical knowledge and in-depth understanding based on critical examination of specific working practices over a longer period of time. Where appropriate it can lead to qualifications at varying levels to gain recognition of developing skills.
Professional development can be delivered in group sessions within or away from the workplace, utilise programmes designed for individuals to follow online or be bespoke work-based programmes designed to meet the needs of individuals and their employers. 
CPD can also be organised by the University in conjunction with an appropriate external body.