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<p>Megan Wakelam Ba (hons) Fine art graduate</p>

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<p>Professor Chris Bennewith and Professor Katharine Willis</p>

British Art Show 9

8 October 2022 – 23 December 2022
Held every five years to showcase work of British artists who have made a significant contribution to international contemporary art, the ninth British Art Show (BAS9) returns to Plymouth for a second time.
This four venue, city-wide exhibition, welcomes 37 artists in total, including Abigail Reynolds, Cooking Sections and GAIKA who will show in The Levinksy Gallery. The exhibition will be accompanied by a fascinating programme of films, bite size gallery insights and evening talks.

<p>BAS9 - Place holder image<br></p>
<p>SRRDG exhibit and sponsor plymouth barbican</p>

Living and learning in Britain's Ocean City

Plymouth is an amazing city and has so many exciting things going for it. Our student projects and academic research are very much grounded in where we are in the South West. There is a strong sense of us working with, and belonging to, the region.