Our staff and researchers

Our research group is structured into three principal foci: composites engineering (fibres or particles embedded in a matrix), civil and structural materials (composites, concrete and steel) and structural integrity (composites, metals and alloys). Staff who work in these areas are listed below.

We also have a number of visiting researchers and research degree students. They are listed below, detailing the projects they are working on.  

Composites engineering staff

Research degree candidates

Mohammed Al-Bahrani

The manufacture and mechanical properties of nanoparticle metal matrix composites

Supervisors: Alistair Cree, Jasper Graham-Jones and Sourajyoti Basu (Iraqi Ministry of Oil funding)

Muhsin Ali Marie Aljuboury

Development of co-bonded composite laminate flange connections for offshore/marine pipelines

Supervisors: Jahir Rizvi, Stephen Grove and Richard Cullen (Iraq Higher Committee for Education Development)

Paul Arnold (candidate for MPhil/PhD - commenced October 2018)

Self-Sensing and Energy-Harvesting (SSEH) composite materials for coastal infrastructure

Supervisors: Sung-Hwan Jang, Alison Raby and John Summerscales

Aissa Bouaissi 

Development of a new concrete for marine environment using high volume of industrial by-products

Supervisors: Long-yuan Li and Dave Easterbrook

James Butler (candidate for MPhil/PhD - commenced October 2018)

Development of a novel antibacterial resin-based silver nanocoating to protect patients from bioaerosol infections in hospitals

Supervisor: Dr Alexander Besinis

Jak Chaos

Fatigue-induced precipitation in engineering materials

Supervisor: Alistair Cree

Sahar Elaiwi 

Analysis and design of castellated beams

Supervisors: Long-yuan Li and Boksun Kim

Kunjie Fan 

Fire performance assessment of concrete materials with supplemental cementitious materials

Supervisors: Long-yuan Li and Dave Easterbrook (Chinese Scholarship)

Dayang Habibah binti Abang Ismawi Hassim

Fatigue properties of novel recycled rubber compounds

Supervisors: Frank Abraham and John Summerscales (Malaysian Rubber Board funding)

Jie Ji

Fatigue analysis of reinforced concrete in the marine environment

Supervisor: Shanshan Cheng

Casper Kruger

Effect of complex geometry on closed form FRP analytical methods i.e. CLT, CBT, plate and shell deflection

Director of studies: Jasper Graham-Jones

Adam Kyte

Microarterial anastomosis in reconstructive surgery; anumerical study of thefactors affecting anastomosis patency

Supervisor: Richard Pemberton

Matthew Prowse (candidate for MPhil/PhD - commenced October 2018)

Fishing Boat Stability, examining construction and cultural factors withinthe UK South West

Supervisor: Dr Jasper Graham-Jones

Jihad Taha

Development of an integrated approach for smart virtual factories based on Model Bases Systems Engineering and Cyber Phyxial Systems Approach

Director of studies: Vahid Salehi (Munich Node)

Matthias Wimmer 

FlexForCfK: development of a form flexible tooling system for the production of curved CFRP parts

Supervisors: Christoph Maurer and Frank Abraham (UoP Munich Node)

Qi Ye 

Structural performance of floating marine energy devices 

Supervisor: Shanshan Chang

Nanting Yu 

The buckling behaviour of cold-formed steel built-up channel beams with web perforations

Supervisor: Boksun Kim


Aitor Hernandez Michelena (candidate for PhD)

Effect of fibre treatment on the properties of natural fibre reinforced polymer composites

Supervisors: John Summerscales, Wayne Hall (Griffith University - Australia) and Jasper Graham-Jones (in collaboration with Acciona Windpower/Nordex and University of Zargoza).

Visiting researchers

Ibtihal Al-Namie, Assistant Professor at Bagdad University of Technology (hosted by Alistair Cree)

The manufacture and microstructural and mechanical property characterization of Al–nano hybrid composites

From 5 December 2016 for one year.

Guillaume Kerhino, stage placement student from Université Bretagne Sud-Lorient  (hosted by John Summerscales)

End-of-Life marine vessel disposal options

From 20 March to 2 June 2017

Yang Bing Yang, visiting Chinese scholar (hosted by Neil James)

Fatigue crack growth in titanium

From 6 December 2016 for twelve months.

Ewen Le Roux and Yves Henry, stage placement students from The University of Western Brittany (Université de Bretagne Occidentale, UBO Brest) (hosted by Richard Cullen and Richard Pemberton)

Effect of cavitation on composite materials.

From 11 April to 9 June 2017