Our staff and researchers

Our research group is structured into three principal foci: composites engineering (fibres or particles embedded in a matrix), civil and structural materials (composites, concrete and steel) and structural integrity (composites, metals and alloys). Staff who work in these areas are listed below.

We also have a number of visiting researchers and research degree students. They are listed below, detailing the projects they are working on. 

Composites engineering staff

Research degree candidates

Paul Arnold

Self-Sensing and Energy-Harvesting (SSEH) composite materials for coastal infrastructure

Supervisors: John Summerscales, Alison Raby and Chris Bowen (University of Bath).

Richard Arundal

On-Orbit Manufacturing for Aerospace Structures

Supervisor Jasper Graham-Jones

Aissa Bouaissi 

Development of a new concrete for marine environment using high volume of industrial by-products

Supervisors: Long-yuan Li and Dave Easterbrook

Benjamin Bryant

Contaminates within ultraviolet polymers with reference to additive manufacturing

Supervisors:Jasper Graham-Jones, Richard Pemberton and John Summerscales

James Butler 

Development of a novel antibacterial resin-based silver nanocoating to protect patients from bioaerosol infections in hospitals

Supervisor: Dr Alexander Besinis

Kunjie Fan 

Fire performance assessment of concrete materials with supplemental cementitious materials

Supervisors: Long-yuan Li and Dave Easterbrook (Chinese Scholarship)

Ruadan (Rudi) Geraghty

Glass reinforced plastics (GRP) end-of-life boats

Supervisors: Richard Pemberton, Jasper Graham-Jones and John Summerscales

Jie Ji

Fatigue analysis of reinforced concrete in the marine environment

Supervisor: Shanshan Cheng

Casper Kruger

Effect of complex geometry on closed form FRP analytical methods i.e. CLT, CBT, plate and shell deflection

Director of studies: Jasper Graham-Jones

Adam Kyte

Microarterial anastomosis in reconstructive surgery; anumerical study of thefactors affecting anastomosis patency

Supervisor: Richard Pemberton

Bisma Mannan (started October 2021)

Developing computational tool of safer decommissioning plan for ships and offshore structures through condition assessment

Supervisor: Jahir Rizvi

Sian Morgan (started October 2020)

Nano silver-hydroxyapatite coatings for improved abutment integrity for periodontal health

Supervisors: Alexander Besinis

Badr Moutik (started January 2022)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for luxury yacht manufacture (sponsored by Princess Yachts)

Supervisors: John Summerscales, Jasper Graham-Jones and Richard Pemberton

Benjamin O'Driscoll (started October 2018)

Biosensing with Graphene Field Effect Transistors (GFETs)

Supervisor: Shakil Awan

Matthew Prowse

Fishing Boat Stability, examining construction and cultural factors within the UK South West

Supervisor: Dr Jasper Graham-Jones

Owais Raja 

Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) on recycled fishing net using the SimaPro Life Cycle Assessment software

Supervisors: Jasper Graham-Jones and John Summerscales

Jihad Taha

Development of an integrated approach for smart virtual factories based on Model Bases Systems Engineering and Cyber Phyxial Systems Approach

Director of studies: Vahid Salehi (Munich Node)

Simon Weait

Improvement of the thermal properties of Fused Filament Fabricated co-polymers for use in extreme and high temperature environments

Supervisor: Jasper Graham-Jones

Qi Ye 

Structural performance of floating marine energy devices 

Supervisor: Shanshan Chang