University of Plymouth's MAterials and STructures (MAST) Research Group: Surfaces and Coatings
Principal contact: Dr Maozhou Meng
Failure of products is normally initiated by crack initiation and propagation due to obsolescence, wear or aging. The Surfaces and Coatings division of the MAST research group is dedicated to the development of coating technologies for improved surface, and hence component, durability. The latest developments in nanotechnology make it possible to embed nanomaterials into coatings on various substrates to enhance performance in specific applications. The division has the following specialisations:
  • Metal-based coatings, including electroless and electrolytic deposition,
  • Polymer-based coatings,
  • Nanoparticles embedded coatings for marine and dental applications,
  • Functional nanocoatings, especially self-sensing coating for structural health monitoring,
  • Multiphysics modelling of thin-films.