Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)

Title: Capacity and capability building to develop recycled aggregate concrete in South East Asia

Funder: Academy of Medical Sciences

Grant scheme: Global Challenges Research Fund Networking Grants

Aim: The aim of this project is to establish an interdisciplinary consortium with researchers, policy makers, practitioners and social scientists in South East Asia and the UK to investigate the development of sustainable, durable, cost-effective, green concrete by utilising recycled aggregates.

Contacts: PI – Dr Natt Makul, Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Thailand;
UK Applicant – Dr Boksun Kim, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

LinkedIn: Consortium for Recycled Aggregates in Concrete


Boksun Kim
Dr Boksun Kim
As Associate Professor of Structural Engineering at the University of Plymouth, Dr Boksun Kim has been working on projects involving steel and concrete structures, graphene oxide concrete, recycled aggregates in concrete, and plastic bottle houses. As an RAEng Frontiers Champion, she hosted 10 webinars and two workshops in 2021 for the Recycled Aggregate Concrete in South East Asia project, recordings of which are available on the website.
Dr Natt Makul
Dr Natt Makul
Dr Natt Makul is Senior Lecturer at Phranakhon Rajabhat University in Thailand. He received his PhD in Civil Engineering from Thammasat University. His research interests include the microwave heating of cement-based materials, the utilisation of waste materials for concrete (such as fly ash, rice husk ash, limestone powder, steel powder, foundry sand and dry powder sludge ash), the behaviours of Portland cement-based materials, the microstructural characteristics of concrete and the special testing and analysis of concrete structures.

Getting to net zero: a systems approach

As a Royal Academy of Engineering Frontiers Champion, Dr Boksun Kim at the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics has been featured in one of the National Engineering Policy Centre’s ‘Getting to Net Zero’ video series and talks about challenges in the use of recycle aggregates in Southeast Asia. 
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