Wind turbines - image courtesy of Getty
Principal contact: Professor Long-yuan Li
The University of Plymouth has a long history of conducting research on materials and structures related to civil and structural engineering. The current research covers concrete materials, cold-formed steel sections, steel and/or fibre reinforced concrete structures, smart structural material systems and biomaterials. Research projects have been funded by FP7, H2020, EPSRC, MRC, Royal Academy of Engineering, and Royal Society. 
Some examples from the range of research topics are:
  • buckling of thin-walled structures
  • fire safety of structures
  • structural performance of fibre reinforced concrete structures exposed in marine environment
  • fatigue of marine structures
  • graphene-improved high performance concrete 
  • durability of reinforced concrete structures
  • electrochemical treatment of chloride contaminated concrete
  • recycled aggregate concrete
  • geopolymer concrete
  • smart concrete material senses.
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