Recycled Aggregate Concrete in South East Asia

MAST research project

Title:  Recycled Aggregate Concrete in South East Asia

Funder: Royal Academy of Engineering

Grant scheme: Frontiers Champion

Aim:  The project aims to bring together global research communities, policy makers, practitioners, innovators and social scientists to establish an interdisciplinary consortium to investigate the development of sustainable, durable, cost-effective, green concrete by utilising recycled aggregates in Southeast Asia.

Contact: Dr Boksun Kim

LinkedIn: Consortium for Recycled Aggregate Concrete 


About the Frontiers Champion

As a Frontiers Champion, Dr Kim has passion to improve the quality of life of people, in particular, in less developed countries. As part of two projects funded by the RAEng Frontiers of Engineering Seed Funding in 2016-17, she first visited Nelson Mandela University in South Africa to help to develop concentrating solar power technology for use in outlying communities in Africa. Second, she collaborated with a Nigerian community to build plastic bottle houses near Abuja. Furthermore, her mentoring of three Nigerian and one Indian Association of Commonwealth University Blue Charter fellows since 2018, as part of the Marine Plastics Research and Innovation Framework, has stimulated her to help more researchers in the global south. The champion is keen to engage with a network of a broad range of communities to enhance the quality of life in the global south by tackling global development challenges. She hopes to make genuine contribution.

Dr Boksun Kim, Associate Professor of Structural Engineering

Our events

Dates will be confirmed soon.

Webinar 1. Recycled Aggregates: what are they and why do we need them?

Webinar 2. Drivers and barriers in the development for recycled aggregate concrete

Webinar 3. Effects of recycled aggregate concrete on social behaviour

Webinar 4. Policies about the use of recycled aggregates and recycled aggregate concrete

Webinar 5. Performance of recycled aggregate concrete: strength and stiffness

In-person networking event in South East Asia

Webinar 6. Performance of recycled aggregate concrete: durability

Webinar 7. Case studies of recycled aggregate concrete in Southeast Asia

Webinar 8. Quality control of recycled aggregate concrete

Webinar 9. Standardisation of recycled aggregate concrete

Webinar 10. Design strategy for recycled aggregate concrete

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