Dr Lee Durndell

Dr Lee Durndell

Lecturer in Chemistry

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

  • Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry 
       Teaching on the following modules:
    • CHM009 - Chemistry 1
    • CHM1014 - Solving Chemical Problems
    • CHM1015 - Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 2
    • CHM2011 - Inorganic Chemistry
    • CHM2016 - Research Skills
    • CHM3014 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
    • GEES514 - Research Skills for Science


  • 2015 - PhD in Surface Science and Heterogeneous Catalysis from Cardiff/Aston University - “An investigationinto support effects on the Pt-catalysed selective transformation of α,β-unsaturated substrates.” 
  • 2011 - MChem in Chemistry with Industrial experience, Cardiff University

Professional membership

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Member of the Society of Chemical Industry

Roles on external bodies

Secretary for the Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Division (Southwest Region)

Research interests

  • Functionalisation of heirarchical nanomaterials
  • Continuous flow chemistry
  • Sustainable chemistry
  • Selective transformation of biomass-derived substrates
  • Selective hydrogenation and oxidation processes
  • Fabrication of structured metal nanoparticles

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Shivhare A, Hunns JA, Durndell LJ, Parlett CMA, Isaacs MA, Lee AF & Wilson K 2020 'Metal–Acid Synergy: Hydrodeoxygenation of Anisole over Pt/Al‐SBA‐15' ChemSusChem 13, (18) 4775-4775 , DOI
Shivhare A, Hunns JA, Durndell LJ, Parlett CMA, Isaacs MA, Lee AF & Wilson K 2020 'Hydrodeoxygenation of anisole over Pt/Al‐SBA‐15: metal‐acid synergy' ChemSusChem , DOI Open access
Parlett CMA, Durndell LJ, Isaacs MA, Liu X & Wu C 2020 'Ethanol Steam Reforming for Hydrogen Production Over Hierarchical Macroporous Mesoporous SBA-15 Supported Nickel Nanoparticles' Topics in Catalysis , DOI Open access
Zhang X, Tai Z, Osatiashtiani A, Durndell L, Lee AF & Wilson K 2019 'Catalytic Upgrading of Holocellulose‐Derived C 5 and C 6 Sugars' 145-205 , DOI
Durndell LJ, Cucuzzella C, Parlett CMA, Isaacs MA, Wilson K & Lee AF 2019 'Platinum catalysed aerobic selective oxidation of cinnamaldehyde to cinnamic acid' Catalysis Today 333, 161-168 , DOI
Durndell LJ, Isaacs MA, LI C, Parlett C, Wilson K & Lee AF 2019 'Cascade aerobic selective oxidation over contiguous dual catalyst beds in continuous flow' ACS Catalysis , DOI Open access
Durndell L, Zou G, Shangguan W, Lee A & Wilson K 2019 'Structure‐reactivity relations in Ru catalysed furfural hydrogenation' ChemCatChem , DOI Open access
Isaacs MA, Robinson N, Barbero B, Durndell LJ, Manayil JC, Parlett CMA, D'Agostino C, Wilson K & Lee AF 2019 'Unravelling mass transport in hierarchically porous catalysts' Journal of Materials Chemistry A , DOI Open access
Rabee AIM, Durndell LJ, Fouad NE, Frattini L, Isaacs MA, Lee AF, Mekhemer GAH, Santos VCD, Wilson K & Zaki MI 2018 'Citrate-mediated sol–gel synthesis of Al-substituted sulfated zirconia catalysts for α-pinene isomerization' Molecular Catalysis 458, 206-212 , DOI
Karthikeyan S, Kumar S, Durndell LJ, Isaacs MA, Parlett CMA, Coulson B, Douthwaite RE, Jiang Z, Wilson K & Lee AF 2018 'Size-Dependent Visible Light Photocatalytic Performance of Cu2 O Nanocubes' ChemCatChem 10, (16) 3554-3563 , DOI
Isaacs M, Barbero B, Durndell L, Hilton A, Olivi L, Parlett C, Wilson K & Lee A 2018 'Tunable Silver-Functionalized Porous Frameworks for Antibacterial Applications' Antibiotics 7, (3) 55-55 , DOI Open access
Rabee A, Manayil J, Isaacs M, Parlett C, Durndell L, Zaki M, Lee A & Wilson K 2018 'On the Impact of the Preparation Method on the Surface Basicity of Mg–Zr Mixed Oxide Catalysts for Tributyrin Transesterification' Catalysts 8, (6) 228-228 , DOI
Tai Z, Isaacs MA, Durndell LJ, Parlett CMA, Lee AF & Wilson K 2018 'Magnetically-separable Fe3O4@SiO2@SO4-ZrO2 core-shell nanoparticle catalysts for propanoic acid esterification' Molecular Catalysis 449, 137-141 , DOI
Kumar S, Durndell LJ, Manayil JC, Isaacs MA, Parlett CMA, Karthikeyan S, Douthwaite RE, Coulson B, Wilson K & Lee AF 2017 'Delaminated CoAl-Layered Double Hydroxide@TiO2Heterojunction Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2' Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 35, (1) 1700317-1700317 , DOI
Manayil JC, Osatiashtiani A, Mendoza A, Parlett CMA, Isaacs MA, Durndell LJ, Michailof C, Heracleous E, Lappas A & Lee AF 2017 'Impact of Macroporosity on Catalytic Upgrading of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil by Esterification over Silica Sulfonic Acids' ChemSusChem 10, (17) 3506-3511 , DOI
Hashemzadeh A, Amini MM, Tayebee R, Sadeghian A, Durndell LJ, Isaacs MA, Osatiashtiani A, Parlett CMA & Lee AF 2017 'A magnetically-separable H 3 PW 12 O 40 @Fe 3 O 4 /EN-MIL-101 catalyst for the one-pot solventless synthesis of 2H-indazolo[2,1- b ] phthalazine-triones' Molecular Catalysis 440, 96-106 , DOI
Kumar S, Isaacs MA, Trofimovaite R, Durndell L, Parlett CMA, Douthwaite RE, Coulson B, Cockett MCR, Wilson K & Lee AF 2017 'P25@CoAl layered double hydroxide heterojunction nanocomposites for CO 2 photocatalytic reduction' Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 209, 394-404 , DOI
Parlett CMA, Aydin A, Durndell LJ, Frattini L, Isaacs MA, Lee AF, Liu X, Olivi L, Trofimovaite R & Wilson K 2017 'Tailored mesoporous silica supports for Ni catalysed hydrogen production from ethanol steam reforming' Catalysis Communications 91, 76-79 , DOI
Bennett JA, Parlett CMA, Isaacs MA, Durndell LJ, Olivi L, Lee AF & Wilson K 2017 'Acetic Acid Ketonization over Fe 3 O 4 /SiO 2 for Pyrolysis Bio‐Oil Upgrading' ChemCatChem 9, (9) 1648-1654 , DOI
Isaacs MA, Durndell LJ, Hilton AC, Olivi L, Parlett CMA, Wilson K & Lee AF 2017 'Tunable Ag@SiO2 core–shell nanocomposites for broad spectrum antibacterial applications' RSC Advances 7, (38) 23342-23347 , DOI
dos Santos VC, Durndell LJ, Isaacs MA, Parlett CMA, Wilson K & Lee AF 2016 'A new application for transition metal chalcogenides: WS2 catalysed esterification of carboxylic acids' Catalysis Communications 91, 16-20 , DOI
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Jiang Z, Zhang Z, Shangguan W, Isaacs MA, Durndell LJ, Parlett CMA & Lee AF 2016 'Photodeposition as a facile route to tunable Pt photocatalysts for hydrogen production: on the role of methanol' Catalysis Science & Technology 6, (1) 81-88 , DOI
Durndell LJ, Parlett CMA, Hondow NS, Isaacs MA, Wilson K & Lee AF 2015 'Selectivity control in Pt-catalyzed cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation' Scientific Reports 5, (1) , DOI Open access
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Parlett CMA, Durndell LJ, Machado A, Cibin G, Bruce DW, Hondow NS, Wilson K & Lee AF 2014 'Alumina-grafted SBA-15 as a high performance support for Pd-catalysed cinnamyl alcohol selective oxidation' Catalysis Today 229, 46-55 , DOI
Parlett CMA, Durndell LJ, Wilson K, Bruce DW, Hondow NS & Lee AF 2014 'Selective oxidation of allylic alcohols over highly ordered Pd/meso-Al2O3 catalysts' Catalysis Communications 44, 40-45 , DOI
Durndell LJ, Parlett CMA, Hondow NS, Wilson K & Lee AF 2013 'Tunable Pt nanocatalysts for the aerobic selox of cinnamyl alcohol' Nanoscale 5, (12) 5412-5412 , DOI
Crocker 2020 'Chemical Catalysts for Biomass Upgrading'
Durndell L, Lee A, Wilson K, Muldoon M & Bailie D 2014 'Selective Palladium-Catalysed Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols' in Cardona F; Parmeggiani C Transition Metal Catalysis in Aerobic Alcohol Oxidation Royal Society of Chemistry 92-132 , DOI


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