Dr Shanshan Cheng

Dr Shanshan Cheng

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Dr Shanshan Cheng obtained her PhD in Structural Engineering in 2015. She has been extensively working in the field of structural analysis and design of steel and steel-concrete composite structures over the past decade, which has led to over 20 peer-reviewed journal paper publications. Since joining Plymouth University as a lecturer, she has extended her research interests to marine structures, focusing on composite material charactersations, durability and survivability of offshore floating platforms. She has worked on several projects funded by EPSRC, EU, industrial partners and international funding bodies. Currently she is the PI of an EU funded H2020-RISE project – TRAC (Tailor-made Recycled Aggregate Concretes) investigating recycling solutions for demolished concrete materials, in particular marine concretes.


 2017 - present  Plymouth University, UK  Lecturer
 2015 - 2016  The University of Sheffield, UK  Postdoc
 2011 - 2015 Plymouth University, UK    PhD
 2009 - 2011  Harbin Institute of Technology, China MEng
 2005 - 2009  Central South University, China BEng 

Teaching interests

STAD117 - Structural Analysis and Design I

STAD215 - Structural Analysis and Design II

MATH511 - Advanced Engineering Analysis

Research interests

  • Buckling of thin-walled structures
  • Structural fire safety
  • Steel-concrete composite structures
  • Fibre reinforced concretes
  • Recycled aggregate concretes
  • Composite material characterisations
  • Survivability of offshore floating structures

Grants & contracts

1) FlexWave - Flexible Responsive Systems in Wave Energy, EPSRC, £1m, 2021-2024 (Co-I)
2) Offshore Floating Foundations Using Self-sensing Carbon Fibre Textile-reinforced Concretes, EPSRC Supergen ORE ECR fund, £5k, 2020 (PI)
3) TRAC – Tailor-made Recycled Aggregate Concrete, European H2020-RISE project, €450k, 2018-2022 (Coordinator)
4) RESET - REliability and Safety Engineering and Technology for large maritime engineering systems, European H2020-RISE project, €1.42m, 2017-2021 (participant)
5) Durability of textile reinforced concrete in marine environment, Plymouth University funded phd studentship, £43.5k, 2017-2021. (1st Supervisor)
6) Structural performance of floating offshore structures, Plymouth University funded phd studentship, £43.5k, 2017-2021. (1st Supervisor)

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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Le H-B & Bui Q-B 2020 'Recycled aggregate concretes – A state-of-the-art from the microstructure to the structural performance' Construction and Building Materials 257, 119522-119522 , DOI
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Conference Papers
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