Dr Shanshan Cheng

Dr Shanshan Cheng

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



I've been a lecturer in Civil Engineering at UoP since 2017. Prior to joining UoP as a lecturer, I worked at the University of Sheffield as a postdoc for the EPSRC project “The behaviour of built-up thin-walled steel structural elements (EP/M011976/1)” and “Sustainable fire-spalling-resistant concrete (EP/N019555/1)”. My current research mainly focuses on the low carbon construction materials, particularly the application to offshore floating platforms. I am currently the PI for a Royal Society funded project "Fatigue failure mechanics of carbon-fibre textile reinforced concrete in the marine environment", to test the flexural fatigue behaviour of CTRC beams under seawater, and the coordinator for an EU funded project “Tailor-made recycled aggregate concrete (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017-777823-TRAC)” which aims to promote the use of recycled aggregates in civil infrastructure. I’m also a Co-I for EPSRC funded project “FlexWave – flexible responsive systems in wave energy (EP/V040367/1)”, where I’m responsible for finite element analysis of the flexible wave energy converters under wave loading. I was the PI for an EPSRC funded Supergen ORE ECR award “Offshore floating foundations using self-sensing carbon fibre textile reinforced concretes”, to test the dual-functional properties of using carbon-fibre textiles as both reinforcement and sensor in concrete structures, and PI for a Sustainable Earth Institute funded project “Use of tungsten tailing waste as replacement for cement” to investigate the feasibility of using tungsten tailings in making low carbon concrete materials.


 |  2017 - present  |  Plymouth University, UK  |  Lecturer
 |  2015 - 2016  |  The University of Sheffield, UK  |  Postdoc
 |  2011 - 2015  |  Plymouth University, UK  |  PhD
 |  2009 - 2011  |  Harbin Institute of Technology, China  |  MSc (research)
 |  2005 - 2009  |  Central South University, China  |  BEng 

Roles on external bodies

2023 – present, Technical Committee member of FIB (Task Group 1.2: Concrete structures in marine environments)
2022 – present, Technical Committee member of RILEM (292-MCC: Mechanical characterization and structural design of textile reinforced concrete; 294-MPA: Mechanical properties of alkali-activated concrete; 297-DOC: Degradation of organic coating materials and its relation to concrete durability) 
2020 – present, Committee member of IStructE Southwest regional group
2019 – present, IStructE student staff liaison officer 


Teaching interests

STAD200 - Structural Analysis and Design II
CIVL500 - Finite Element Modelling and Analysis


Research interests

  • Buckling of thin-walled structures
  • Fibre reinforced concretes
  • Recycled aggregate concretes
  • Composite material characterisations
  • Survivability of offshore floating structures
  • Structural fire safety
  • Steel-concrete composite structures

Other research

Ongoing PhD students: 
Mr Saheed Yusuf (Jan 2024 - ongoing): Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction of Large Floating Concrete Modular Systems (Director of Studies / 1st Supervisor) 
Ms Zhenyi Yan (Oct 2023 - ongoing): Fatigue failure mechanics of low-carbon concrete in marine environment (Director of Studies / 1st Supervisor)
Ms Anna Holcombe (Oct 2021 - ongoing): Motions and loads of dynamic power cables for floating offshore renewable energy applications (2nd Supervisor)
Mr Feiyi Shi (Oct 2021 - ongoing): Mesoscale modelling for predicting effective properties of geopolymer concrete (2nd Supervisor)
Mr Bin Zhang (Oct 2021 - ongoing): Coupled thermo-structural analysis of steel reinforced geopolymer concrete structural members (2nd Supervisor)
Mr Ignacio Pregnan Johannesen (Oct 2020 - ongoing): Size efficient semisubmersible platforms for floating offshore wind turbine with passive motion reduction strategies (3rd Supervisor)

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Dr Jie Ji (2023): Bond Behaviour between Carbon Fibre Strand and Mortar under Marine Environment (Director of Studies / 1st Supervisor)
Dr Qi Ye (2023): Structural analysis and design of semi-submersible platform for floating offshore wind turbines (Director of Studies / 1st Supervisor)

Grants & contracts

1. LITEFLOATCON - Light-weight High Performance Concrete for Modular Floating Structures, Horizon Europe MSCA Staff Exchange project, €611.8k, 2024-2027 (Co-I, WP5 lead)
2. Fatigue Failure Mechanics of Carbon-fibre Textile Reinforced Concrete in the Marine Environment, Royal Society, £60.5k, 2023-2024 (PI)
3. Use of Tungsten Tailing Waste as Replacement for Cement , Plymouth University Sustainable Earth Institute, £3k, 2022 (PI)
4. FlexWave - Flexible Responsive Systems in Wave Energy, EPSRC, £1m, 2021-2025 (Co-I)
5. Offshore Floating Foundations Using Self-sensing Carbon Fibre Textile-reinforced Concretes, EPSRC Supergen ORE ECR fund, £5k, 2020 (PI)
6. TRAC – Tailor-made Recycled Aggregate Concrete, European H2020-RISE project, €450k, 2018-2024 (PI)


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Li Z, Li L-Y & Cheng S (2024) 'Evaluation of modulus of elasticity of concrete containing both natural and recycled concrete aggregates' Journal of Cleaner Production Publisher Site , DOI Open access
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Conference Papers
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Meza F, Cheng S, Becque J & Hajirasouliha I (2016) 'Experimental investigation of the cross-sectional stability of cold-formed steel built-up columns' 353-360


Other academic activities

External examiner of PhD viva (Nov 2023) - Sifan Mohamed Muhamad Ibrahim (Nothumbria University), Development and Structural Applications of High Strength Concrete: Ultra High Performance and Lightweight High Strength Concrete.
External examiner of EngD viva (Oct 2023) - Ali Marjan (Cranfield University), Structural fatigue assessment and optimisation of offshore wind turbine jacket foundations.