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The MAterials and STructures (MAST) Research Group explores many aspects of structural, mechanical, marine, composites and civil engineering.

The strategic objective of MAST is to become a leading research centre for durable materials and structures in applications covering sustainable energy, the marine environment and medical technology.

Our five principal foci

Composites Engineering (fibres or particles embedded in a matrix)

Principal contact: Professor John Summerscales

Structural integrity (composites, metals and alloys)

Principal contact: Dr Alistair Cree 

There is no hard boundary between these fields and inter-disciplinary research is encouraged.


Recent and ongoing research areas

Marine engineering
  • durability in the marine environment
  • marine renewable energy (MRE) devices
  • naval architecture
  • structural fire safety of offshore platforms
  • fatigue mechanism of reinforced concrete in marine applications
  • design and optimisation of connections in marine structures.
Composites engineering
  • composites manufacturing, especially resin infusion processes
  • engineered nanomaterials and nanotechnology applications
  • marine composites
  • materials characterisation by destructive and non-destructive techniques
  • medical implants and biomaterials Multi-phase modelling of biomaterials
  • numerical modelling and optimisation techniques for stress, heat and moisture transport
  • smart materials and intelligent structures
  • sustainable composites, including life cycle assessment (LCA) and waste management.
  • thin films and nano-coatings.
Civil and structural engineering
  • durability of concrete structures
  • sustainable homes for developing countries
  • dynamic testing and analysis of full-scale and model structures
  • reliability analysis of thin-walled stainless steel members
  • geopolymer concrete
  • properties of cement mortar/concrete with Graphene Oxide
  • fire safety engineering design of structures
  • concentrated solar power technology
  • ground improvement and soil-structure interaction.
Structural integrity
  • residual stresses in components and structures
  • fatigue design and life prediction
  • fatigue and fracture of surface coated engineering materials
  • elevated temperature fatigue.

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