Dr Alistair Cree

Dr Alistair Cree

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering (Education)

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Dr Alistair Cree can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Structural integrity
  • Corrosion protection
  • Materials engineering


Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering) in the School of Engineering

Associate Head of School (Mechanical Engineering)
2017 - 2020

BSc Programme Manager (Mechanical and Marine) & Lecturer
2012 - 2016 

Staff College Senior Lecturer (Head of Engineering Science, SME)
Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.
1996 - 2012 

Department for International Development (DFID)
Supplemented Officer (British Aid Programme)
Njase Technical School, Zambia
1989 - 1992

Senior Teacher, Head of Department (Science and Mathematics).
The Coast Academy, Mombasa, Kenya.
1986 - 1989

TVEI Teacher of Engineering Science, Physical Science and
King Richard III School, Leicester, U.K.
1983 - 1986 

Materials Engineer
High Duty Alloys Extrusions Ltd.
1980 - 1982


PhD for thesis entitled "Fatigue in Anodized Aluminium Alloys", The Open University 2002.
MSc Combined Studies (Materials Engineering with Education), Loughborough University 1993.
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Physics), Leicester University 1983.
BSc(Hons) Materials Engineering, Loughborough University of Technology 1980.

Professional membership

Chartered Engineer (CEng) April 1998.
Chartered Physicist (CPhys) December 1995.
Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Department for Education. July 1983.
Fellow of the Institute of Physics (FInstP) May 2011.
Fellow of the Institute of Metal Finishers (FIMF), February 2008.
European Engineer (EUR ING) June 2003.

Roles on external bodies

I am active within the Institute of Physics as a member of their interviewing and approval panel for candidates seeking professional registration as Chartered Engineer. 



Teaching interests

Modules (ML= module leader)
MECH050: Mechanical & Marine Engineering (ML)

MATS235: Materials & Structural Integrity (ML)

MECH233: Manufacturing Processes

MARN220: Naval Architecture 1

NMS102: Marine Operations

NMS202: Marine Operations and Construction

MAR536: Mechanics of ORE Structures

Staff serving as external examiners

External examiner for a PhD Mechanical Engineering, Royal Military College, Kingston, Canada. August 2006.
External examiner for a PhD Mechanical Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University. September 2012
External examiner for a PhD Materials Engineering, Loughborough University. November 2012.
External examiner for a PhD Mechanical Engineering, Portsmouth University. March 2014.

External examiner for a PhD Mechanical Engineering, Newcastle University, December 2019.

External Examiner (MEng/BEng) Mechanical Engineering, University of South Wales.



Research interests

My research is mainly concerned the influence of thin-films coatings on the fatigue and fracture properties of high strength aluminium alloys and other materials and the evolution and damage of microstructure under fatigue loading conditions in ferrous and non-ferrous engineering alloys. 




M. Al-Bahrani and A.M. Cree.
A simple criterion to evaluate the degree of damage in composite materials after sudden impact loads by exploiting the MWCNTs piezo-resistive property.
Carbon 150, 505-517, (2019).

M. Al-Bahrani, Z. J. Gombos and A.M. Cree.
Investigation of the constancy of the MWCNTs on the fibres surface for manufactured self-sensing composites.
Composites Part B: Engineering, 173, Article 106998, 2019.

M. Al-Bahrani, M. Aljuboury and A.M. Cree
Damage sensing and mechanical properties of laminate composite based MWCNTs under anticlastic test.
Materials Research Express, 6(3), 035704, 2018.

M. Al-Bahrani, Z. J. Gombos and A.M. Cree.
The Mechanical Properties of Functionalised MWCNT Infused Epoxy Resin: A Theoretical and Experimental Study.
International Journal of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering, 18(1), 76-86, 2018.

R. Sieh, H. R. Le and A.M. Cree
Process optimization of non-cyanide Ag-PTFE metal matrix composite plating for threaded connections.
Transactions of the IMF, 93, 5, 2015.

A. M. Cree, M. Devlin, G. Critchlow and T. Hirst
Fatigue and fracture assessment of toxic metal replacement coatings for aerospace applications.
Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishers 88, 6, 303-310, 2010.

A. M. Cree, G.W. Weidmann and S.V. Hainsworth.
A new strain-energy method for determining residual stresses in anodized thin films.
Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishers 84, 5, 246-251, (2006).

A. M. Cree and G.W. Weidmann.
The fracture and fatigue properties of anodized aluminium alloy.
Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishers 75, 5, 199 202, (1997).

A. M. Cree and G.W. Weidmann.
Effect of anodized coatings on fatigue crack growth rates in an aluminium alloy.
Surface Engineering 13, 1, 1 5 (1997).

M.E. Fitzpatrick, D. Bhattacharjee, A.M. Cree and C.R.S. Daykin.
Is fatigue surface roughness a sufficient condition for the generation of crack closure?
Scripta Materialia 35, 11, 1335 1340, (1996).

A. M. Cree, G.W. Weidmann and R. Hermann.
Film assisted fatigue crack propagation in anodized aluminium alloys.
Journal of Materials Science Letters 14, 1505 1507, (1995).

A. M. Cree, R.G. Faulkner and A.T. Lyne.
Cementite particle coarsening during spheroidisation of bearing steel SAE 52100.
Materials Science and Technology 11, 566 571, (1995).

Conference Papers

M. Al-Bahrani, A.M. Cree, Sung-Hwan Jang.
Carbon nanotubes reinforced nanocomposites for strain and fracture sensing in engineering structures. 13th International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Nanostructured Materials, 11-14 September 2018, Gdansk, POLAND.

M. Al-Bahrani, A.M. Cree and S-H. Jang.
Integrated strain and fracture sensing in carbon nanotubes reinforced composites for energy infrastructures, 5th PRIMaRE Conference, 5-6 July 2018, Bristol University. UK.

M. Al-Bahrani, Z.J. Gombos and A.M. Cree.
Studying the Effect of Carbon Nanotubes on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxy-Nanocomposite for the Oil Field Applications. 19th International Conference on Nanostructure Materials and Nano-synthesis. 25 September 2017, United Arab Emirates.

E. Akpan, H. R. Le and A.M. Cree
Electrodeposition and characterization of diamond-like-carbon coating for offshore pipeline connections 26th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials.
6 -10 September 2015, Bad Homburg, Germany.

B. F. J. da Silva and A. M. Cree
Torsional and Bending Fatigue in Electro-Less Nickel Coated Polyamide (Nylon 6, 6)
Trans-Fair 2013, Institute of Materials Finishing Conference
11-13 June, 2013, Gaydon, Warwickshire, U.K.

R. Brown, D.R. Maddala and A. M. Cree
The effect of corrosion resistant non-chromate surface treatments on the fatigue behaviour of aluminium alloys. RINA International Conference on Marine and Offshore Coatings.
17 - 18 February 2010, London, UK.

G. Critchlow, K. Yendall, T. Cartwright, I. Ashcroft, A.M. Cree, T. Hirst.
The fatigue behaviour of state-of-the-art duplex oxides on aluminium 2XXX from the anodising route. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Light Alloy Surface Treatments.
26 - 27 October 2009, Paris, France.

A. M. Cree, M. Devlin and G. Critchlow.
Fatigue and Fracture Assessment of Toxic Metal Replacement Coatings for Maritime and Aerospace Applications. 13th CF/DRDC Meeting on Naval Applications of Materials Technology.
7 - 9 April 2009, Victoria B.C, Canada.

A. M. Cree, D.L. DuQuesnay and G.W. Weidmann.
Crack closure measurement using a side-face strain gauge technique.
6th International Conference on Durability and Fatigue.
26 - 28 March 2007, Queens College, Cambridge, UK.

A.M. Cree and G.W. Weidmann.
Fatigue crack growth in anodized aluminium alloys.
RINA International Conference on Advanced Marine Materials & Coatings.
22 - 23 February 2006, London, UK.

A.M. Cree and G.W. Weidmann.
Residual stress determination in an anodized film.
11th CF/DRDC Meeting on Naval Applications of Materials Technology.
7 - 9 June 2005 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

A.M. Cree
Accelerated fatigue crack growth in high strength aluminium alloys.
4th International Conference on Thin-Walled Structures (ICTWS 4).
22 - 24 June 2004, Loughborough University, Leicestershire, U.K.

A. M. Cree
Film-assisted fatigue crack growth in anodised aluminium alloys.
10th CF/DRDC Meeting on Naval Applications of Materials Technology.
13-15 May 2003 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.



Other academic activities

Associate Lecturer with the South West region of the Open University. Course: Structural Integrity (T357).

Additional information


1995 awarded the Reynolds Prize by the Institute of Polmer Technology and Materials Engineering, Loughborough University for the best research paper published whilst a student .

2007 awarded the Jim Kape Memorial Medal by The Institute of Metal Finishers (U.K). This medal is presented from time to time for a paper of significance in the field of Aluminium Finishing.

2010 awarded the Jim Kape Memorial Medal by The Institute of Materials Finishing (U.K). This medal is presented from time to time for a paper of significance in the field of Aluminium Finishing.