Research projects

Recently completed research degrees

Design and analysis of integrally-heated tooling for polymer composites

Rzgar Mhammed Abdalrahman (PhD, 2015) 

Supervisors: Stephen Grove, Adam Kyte and Md Jahir Rizvi (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq)

Impact behaviour of reinforced concrete beams strengthened or repaired with carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) 

Mahdi Hameed Mohammad Al-Farttoosi (PhD, 2016)

Supervisors: Yaqub Rafiq, John Summerscales and Clive Williams (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq)

Processing-performance relationships for fibre reinforced composites

Amjed Saleh Mahmood (PhD, 2016) 

Supervisors: Neil James, John Summerscales and Richard Cullen (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq)

Fatigue failure of fibre reinforced plastics for marine environment

Maozhou (Leo) Meng (PhD, 2016) 

Supervisors: Jahir Rizvi, Huirong Le and Stephen Grove (CnTech for living expenses and School Research Committee Grant for tuition fees)

Composite materials filled with ferromagnetic microwire inclusions demonstrating microwave response to temperature and tensile stress

Vlad Zamorovskii (MPhil, 2017)

Supervisors: John Summerscales, Dmitriy Makhnovskiy (SoCM) and Mansel Davies (SoCM) (self funded with partial Faculty fee waiver)

Micro-scale study of multicomponent ionic transport in concrete

Ganlin Feng (PhD, 2018)

Supervisors: Long-yuan Li and Boksun Kim (China Scholarship Council)

    Antibacterial and toxicological properties of self-organised TiO2 nanotubes used as a scaffold for nano-ZnO and nano-Ag coating on medical grade Ti-6Al-4V with and without nano-hydroxyapatite 

    Urvashi (Fowdar Danookdharree) Gunputh (PhD, 2018)

    Supervisors: Long-yuan Li, Richard Handy, Christopher Tredwin and Huirong Le (University Research Scholarship).

      The sensitivity of biocomposites to environmental conditions 

      Hossein Mohammad Khanlou (PhD, Griffith University – Australia, 2018)

      Supervisors: Wayne Hall (GU), Peter Woodfield (GU) and John Summerscales (UoP)

      Natural fibre reinforced composite materials 

      Aitor Hernandez Michelena (PhD, 2019)

      Supervisors: John Summerscales, Wayne Hall (Griffith University - Australia) and Jasper Graham-Jones (in collaboration with Acciona Windpower/Nordex and University of Zargoza).

      Fatigue properties of novel recycled rubber compounds

      Dayang Habibah binti Abang Ismawi Hassim (PhD, 2019)

      Supervisors: Frank Abraham and John Summerscales (Malaysian Rubber Board funding)

      The manufacture and testing of self-sensing CNT [carbon nanotube] nanocomposites for damagedetecting applications

      Mohammed Al-Bahrani (PhD, 2019) 

      Supervisors: Alistair Cree, Jasper Graham-Jones and Sourajyoti Basu (Iraqi Ministry of Oil funding).

      Additional research projects

      Development of sustainable electrochemical corrosion protection systems for reinforced concrete structures

      (DOSECOPS, 294955) (FP7-MC-IRSES-2011, July 2012-June 2016, coordinated by Plymouth).

      Partnership for Research in Geopolymer Concrete

      (PRIGeoC, 689857) (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015, June 2016-May 2020, coordinated by Plymouth).

      RESET - REliability and Safety Engineering and Technology for large maritime engineering systems

      (RESET, 730888) (H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016, May 2017-April 2021, coordinated by LJMU).

      Multifunctional Transport Road Coating System for Winter Maintenance

      (Rees Jeffreys Road Fund) (November 2018 – October 2019)

      Recycled Aggregate Concrete in South East Asia 

      Royal Academy of Engineering ~ Frontiers Champion