Nikolaos Arkoulis

“Choosing the University of Plymouth for my undergraduate studies was one of the best choices in my academic life. The University is one of the most modern universities in the UK. Along with state of the art equipment, it offers a variety of degrees to help you stand out from the crowd.”

Embracing the change

“During my first few days at the University I immediately adapted to the new environment, despite it being my first time abroad. 
Everyone was there to support me with information and guidance on how to get around campus. The main difference is living away from your family and realising your responsibilities so you can look after yourself.
A great way to meet new people is through the University Societies in the Student Union. 
There is a broad variety of choices such as academic, political, media cultural, business and other kinds of societies, depending on your interests.
There are also sports societies to cultivate your physical skills, escape your academic work and have a great time with new friends. 
Lastly, the Student Union organise amazing parties which are a good way to socialise and have fun.”

No need to be nervous

 “Arriving at the University of Plymouth, in the first few weeks, do not feel concerned about being in a different place. 
 Try to feel confident and bear in mind you can visit and discuss any problems with International Student Advice
Also, try to participate in each lesson and do not hesitate to express your opinion. It will be highly admired and you need to communicate with your personal tutor because he/she will show you how the academic system works so everything becomes clear. 
I have now improved my communication skills, both academically and professionally, expressed my ideas, passion, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness for fruitful debates about the current political situation. 
It's an interesting adventure making new friends from all over the world, experiencing various cultural ideologies
My advice to new international students is don’t be afraid to ask questions as staff are friendly and welcoming.”
Criminology society members

Proud to be part of it

 “One of the most fascinating experiences was taking part in the CEOx1 Day competition, organised by Odgers Berndtson. Passing successfully from the first stages, I had the great honour of representing the University in the final stage in London. I polished my networking and leadership skills, worked collaboratively with students from other universities and explained my strategies for pragmatic solutions. Of course, during my preparation, I was supported by my coordinators in the Careers Service, who convinced me to believe in myself, revealing their trust in me.” 

A taste of home

 “Living in Athens is not too different from living in Plymouth. The University of Plymouth and the accommodation halls are near the city centre and I don’t spend much time walking or waiting for the bus to go shopping.”
The Hoe 1/3
The Hoe 2/3
The Hoe 3/3

“The Hoe is an amazing area where you can walk with friends while enjoying the view of the ocean.”

Cafes on campus

Helping out

 “During weekends, when not studying, I usually spend time in volunteering programmes. For example, in the British Red Cross, I have the role of community connector in which I encourage lonely and socially isolated people to build their courage and regain their confidence. Moreover, I spend my time socialising, making new friends at student parties and watching movies together.” 
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