Joon at his workplace

"I had wanted to get an overseas university experience after I completed my diploma at Singapore Maritime Academy, and I knew that the affiliation which SMA has with the University of Plymouth would allow me to compete a degree in a shorter period of time, so it was for these reasons that I applied."

Prepared for the workplace

"Amongst all the modules that I studied at Plymouth, I felt that the contracts exposure I had in the Maritime Law module was particularly beneficial to what I am doing in my job now, where day-to-day I work with a lot of contracts, and where disputes are fairly common as well. So my Maritime Law grounding really prepared me in getting comfortable with this important aspect of my working life."

"My studies also gave me a good understanding of how international shipping law works more broadly, and what the legal procedures are in the event of disputes. It makes me look good in front of clients when I show them that I kind of know what I am talking about!"

Container cargo ship and cargo and sunrise
Joon at his workplace

Securing a job after graduating

"Not long after graduation I managed to secure a job back in Singapore as a Dry Bulk Commodity Ship Broker: I found cargo owners a suitable ship, and ship owners suitable cargoes, and matched them together."

"Since then, I have progressed on to being a Sale & Purchase Ship Broker: in short, I help clients to buy and sell ships."

"I look back on my time in Plymouth fondly. I went there with an open mind-set, to meet new friends, to explore and to experience new things."

"I was glad to gain exposure to English culture in general, and especially socialising opportunities with friends from around the world – many of whom I am still in close contact with today."

"We used to go out and have drinks, play tennis once or twice a week, or during holidays we would visit nearby countries."

International students group
India Rojano tennis sporting excellence scholar
The Barbican, Plymouth.

Go for it

"I think this would be the best advice I can give anyone considering Plymouth: go with a really open mind-set. You only experience university once, and you are only young once."

"So go for it, try new things and make new friends. "

Students' Union Summer Ball

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