Student Ambassadors

What do they do?

Our Student Ambassadors work as part of a highly motivated professional team, supporting a variety of departments across the University at open, applicant and interview days as well as other events.
Students can be Central Student Ambassadorsundertaking activities on open days such as guest registration or campus tours, or they can be Subject-Specific Student Ambassadorstalking about their course in more depth.
The Central Student Ambassador role isn’t just limited to open/applicant days – below are just some examples of work our central ambassadors have been involved with:
  •  Photoshoots
  • Tours
  • Call centres
  • Conferences
  • Flyering
  • Spring fairs
  • Social media takeovers
  • Arrivals 
  • Welcome Week
We recruit Student Ambassadors from across the full range of courses and from diverse backgrounds and experiences because we want to ensure that they are representative of our entire student body.

When can I apply?

Applications to become a Central Student Ambassador have now closed and will reopen in Autumn 2022.
As a subject-specific ambassador or a student worker, you may be asked to work directly by an academic member of staff in your department at other times throughout the year. If this is the case they will ensure you are issued with the correct documentation, including a letter of engagement, prior to you undertaking any work.

Right to Work Checks

If you are a student worker for the University, you must have a current right to work check completed before you commence any work (this is a legal requirement). Please visit the Careers Service in the Student Hub, The Charles Seale-Hayne Library. You will need to complete a starter form and bring your ID with you.
If you are working as a subject-specific ambassador or a student worker, you should ensure you notify the person undertaking your right to work check who you are working for.
Advice on working in the UK as an international student
Right to work in the UK - accepted documents (must be the originals):
1. Current British Passport. In some circumstances, we can accept an expired passport, get in touch if you require this option.
2. Full UK Birth Certificate (MUST list the name of at least one parent) AND Proof of National Insurance Number.
3. (International/EU Students) Full Passport showing VISA/Permit Stamp AND Proof of Settled or Pre-Settled Status on Home Office Online Service (using Share Code).

Rate of pay

Ambassadors are paid a standard rate of £10.78 an hour. A higher rate of £11.23 an hour is only given on certain occasions; if you are on the higher rate, this will be communicated to you beforehand.

How many hours can I work?

A sensible guideline for all full-time students is to work no more than 15-20 hours per week during term time. Remember that your studies need to take priority.

International students

If you are an international student, you should check your visa. Your visa should tell you if you can work and for how many hours a week. If you are allowed to work, this will usually be for no more than 20 hours per week. Find more information on our International Student Advice pages.
<p>Sumalka Mendis <br></p>

Why become a Student Ambassador?

"The feeling of being a representative of the University is my favourite thing about this role. It gives me a huge sense of belonging in this prestigious institution. I’ve made so many friends and gained so many new experiences. It’s a collection of smiles, memories and learning, probably my greatest highlight in University life."

Sumalka Mendis 

MPhil/PhD Business with Management (Stage 2)

Lights, camera, action!

Watch our Student Ambassadors in action and learn about what it is like to be a Student Ambassador with the University of Plymouth. 

Listen to current students talk about the work they get involved in and what it feels like to be part of a dynamic team assisting with the delivery of key University events.

Watch our video above, or on YouTube.


Student Ambassador case studies

<p>Cindy Ng</p>

"I used to be shy and afraid to talk to people because I thought my English was bad as English is not my first language. After joining the ambassador team, I feel much more confident because I get to talk to different people from different backgrounds and work with them. I have not only gained confidence but also my communication skills have improved."

Cindy Ng
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy (Stage 1)

<p>John Williams</p>

"Every shift I’ve done as an ambassador I’ve worked with new people, in different years and on a complete variety of courses. My favourite thing is the opportunity to cross paths with people you otherwise may never get to meet. The pay is good, the shifts are very easy to fit in around your studies (if you’re available you work, if you’re not you don’t!) and its fun!"

John Williams
BSc (Hons) Ocean Science and Marine Conservation (Stage 1)

<p>Student Ambassador Shehany Warnakulasuriya<br></p>

"I liked how I could pick and choose the dates and times I worked according to my availability. If you are an enthusiastic, friendly person who loves being a student at the University, then this job is for you. Being a representative for the University is a great opportunity to enhance your CV and gain new skills while also getting paid!"

Shehany Warnakulasuriya
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Stage 0)

<p>Rebecca Dickson<br></p>

"Talking to prospective students is a great way to boost confidence and increase communication skills. Employers like to see candidates engaging with extracurricular activities and it’s even better if it relates to your course. Encouraging the next generation of students to study at the University of Plymouth is a great feeling!"

Rebecca Dickson
MSc Planning (Stage 5)

<p>Kyle Foster-Smith<br></p>

"The skills you gain and improve upon whilst working as an Ambassador are so significant. Starting off in my first year, I was very quiet, reserved and struggled to talk to new people because my social skills weren’t too great. By acquiring the role and subsequently covering events, it made social interaction I previously struggled with, so much easier and natural."

Kyle Foster-Smith
BSc (Hons) Paramedic Practitioner (Stage 3)

<p>Kareemah Ahmed - Student Ambassador</p>

"As a student ambassador, I was able to gain so much experience from open days, applicant days and working in the library. Working as a student ambassador built me into being a productive and proactive person, I loved every minute of it, and I do recommend as many students as possible to apply for this position; it has life-changing skills."

Kareemah Ahmed
MSc Digital and Social Media Marketing (Stage 1)

What do our staff say about our Student Ambassadors?

<p>Catherine Tetreault, Faculty Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions officer for Arts &amp; Humanities uses Student Ambassadors for her projects.</p>

"Student Ambassadors provide a unique link between students, applicants and academics especially on our applicant, interview and open days. We regularly receive feedback from families on how approachable, friendly and welcoming they were. To have a group of students that are passionate, enthusiastic and genuinely love life at the University of Plymouth is something we never underestimate; they are an invaluable resource to us."

Catherine Clarke 
Events Administrator

<p>Heather Shepherd</p>

"Our student ambassadors are an extension to our team, they bring our events to life! They play a key role in supporting the delivery of our activities whether it is a tour of the campus, being our Children’s University cub or answering the phones in our call centres. The positive feedback from prospective students and their families about their honesty, enthusiasm, friendliness and welcoming nature is overwhelming after each event that we run. It is honestly a pleasure to work with our team of ambassadors."

Heather Shepherd
Conversion Events Team Leader


<b>Thomas M
Walvin<br></b><b>Lecturer in
Adult Nursing / Admissions Tutor</b><b>

"Student ambassadors are incredibly important. There is no-one better to represent our course and our University than the students themselves. We trust our student ambassadors implicitly to communicate with potential students, parents of potential students, VIPs and visitors both on campus and sometimes off-campus at other events; to share their honest experience of being a student with us and it is through this, that the most realistic impressions of the University are made and student ambassadors give our reputation visibility and credibility."

Thomas M Walvin
Lecturer in Adult Nursing / Admissions Tutor


Lecturer and Admissions Tutor</b>


"As a midwifery lecturer I really value and enjoy working with our student ambassadors. They have a key role to play in supporting existing and potential students. As a student ambassador you would be a valuable resource on open and interview days as well as supporting outreach events. Potential new students really value being able to talk to those who are actually completing the course and can tell them about the student experience at the University. Candidates and school children find ambassadors easy to approach and are able to ask them questions that they may not wish to ask the lecturers."

Angela Thompson
Midwifery Lecturer and BSc Programme Lead