Student Ambassadors

What do they do?

Our Student Ambassadors work as part of a highly motivated professional team, supporting a variety of departments across the University at open, applicant and interview days and other events.

Students can be Central Student Ambassadors, undertaking activities on open days such as guest registration or campus tours, or they can be Subject-Specific Student Ambassadors talking about their course in more depth.

We recruit Student Ambassadors from across the full range of courses and from diverse backgrounds and experiences because we want to ensure that they are representative of our entire student body.

When can I apply?

Applications to become a Central Student Ambassador will open in September 2020.

If you are interested in being a Subject-Specific Student Ambassador, ask one of your academic staff to recommend you to the Student Ambassador team at

Why become a Student Ambassador?

"I have really enjoyed being a Student Ambassador. I have had the opportunity to represent my degree course and tell prospective students about my experience and the realities of studying my course. Being able to work with academics to support and inform has increased my confidence, leadership and practical skills. I would really recommend the Student Ambassador role. It is a great way to develop your employability skill set, meet new people, work in partnership with academics, represent the University and earn money. If you are proactive, consistent, and are seen to work hard, then opportunities will come to you!"

Adeola Olajide
BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies (Stage 2)

Lights, camera, action!

Watch our Student Ambassadors in action and learn about what it is like to be a Student Ambassador with the University of Plymouth. 

Listen to current students talk about the work they get involved in and what it feels like to be part of a dynamic team assisting with the delivery of key University events.

Watch our video above, or on YouTube.



Student Ambassador case studies

"Being a Student Ambassador is fascinating; there are lots of opportunities and job roles to try, which include training and hands-on experience in a friendly and supportive environment. I have cultivated many of my skills, including public speaking, problem-solving, customer services, teamwork, and flexibility. As an international student, the Student Ambassador experience has fostered my English language speaking and listening skills since I am constantly meeting, helping and connecting with a variety of guests from different cultures, backgrounds, and ages. I love my job!"

Rebecca Tiong
BA (Hons) International Business (Stage 4)

"I applied to become a Student Ambassador because I wanted to get involved with the University and meet new and different people. The flexibility of the work available has really suited my timetable commitments during the academic year. I enjoy the interaction with guests at large events such as Open Days, and also during smaller ad-hoc campus tours."

Mark O'Carroll
PGCE Primary (Stage 1)

"My favourite part of being a Student Ambassador is answering questions about the University and my course. I love feeling like I’ve made a difference to someone’s day when they come here to look around. I’m also a Lead Ambassador and I really enjoy the responsibilities which come with that role. I feel like every time I work it contributes to my personal development."

Felix Parkes
BEng (Hons) Robotic Engineering with Foundation Year (Stage 1)

"It was the passion and enthusiasm of the Student Ambassadors that really sold Plymouth to me and I really wanted the opportunity to encourage prospective students too. I would encourage as many students as possible to become a Student Ambassador. It is an entirely rewarding job and I always look forward to working. There is such a range of different things you can get involved with and it is a great opportunity to network with fellow Plymouth staff and students, guests of the University and prospective students."

Deanna Westfold
BSc (Hons) Marine Biology (Stage 3) 

"Being a Student Ambassador is a fantastic way of securing flexible part-time work. It broadens your career opportunities and provides you with valuable opportunities for your CV. As a mature student, I have enjoyed the flexibility and variety of work that the Student Ambassador role has provided, as well as the opportunities to meet new people, and improve my skills and training."

Elizabeth Wood
BEd (Hons) Primary (Science) (Stage 3)

"After attending both an Open Day and an Applicant Day, and having most of questions and queries answered by Student Ambassadors, I had to take the opportunity to becoming one! Being able to talk to prospective students about coming to study at Plymouth really reminds me why I love being a Student Ambassador. I get to share my passion about my subject with others, as well as my general love for life at the University, which I always hope inspires prospective students."

Oliver King
BSc (Hons) Economics (Stage 1)

What do our staff say about our Student Ambassadors?

"Student Ambassadors provide a unique link between students, applicants and academics especially on our applicant, interview and open days. We regularly receive feedback from families on how approachable, friendly and welcoming they were. To have a group of students that are passionate, enthusiastic and genuinely love life at the University of Plymouth is something we never underestimate; they are an invaluable resource to us."

Catherine Clarke 
Events Administrator