Cafes on campus

Everyone is invited to enjoy our sustainable, locally sourced fresh food and drink. 

There are nine cafes on the city centre campus and John Bull Café is operating in the medical school on the north campus. 

We pride ourselves on the variety of delicious food and drink options situated around campus. Whether you fancy a hearty breakfast, a healthy salad, a pizza with the finest toppings – the choice is yours as we have a variety of themed food options in each café. 

We are committed to providing a sustainable food culture at the University. We have held a three star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association for multiple years which reflects our company achievements to sustainable sourcing, reducing disposable packaging, reducing meat intake and much more.   

Explore our sustainable food culture that supports local, sustainable and Fairtrade produce and suppliers.


Container Cafe

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Loyalty points information

We have installed a new till system in all our units across campus. 
By Easter 2023 we are looking to roll out a brand-new app-based loyalty programme with new offers and deals.
Just a reminder that the hot drink loyalty points offer utilising your staff and student card is no longer valid, payment via this method is no longer accepted.
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Use your reusable cup at our campus cafes

Our goal is to reduce the number of disposable cups that are used and then disposed of on campus. An estimated 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every year (that’s almost 5,000 a minute, or 7 million per day), with our campus contributing over 300,000 of those. As of November 2019 there has been a reduction in the use of almost 60,000 disposable cups since implementing the 20p discount.

Use a reusable cup at our campus cafes and get a 20p discount.

Cut waste, cut carbon, save money.

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Friend Stop 

Meet new people, connect and share experiences at the café's Friend Stop.
Starting university may be a daunting experience, that's why the cafés on campus have created designated pop-up tables to encourage students and staff to sit, have a natter and make friends on our open and inviting tables.
Everyone is invited to sit at the Friend Stop; whether you're on your own or with a friend or colleague, take a seat, share the table and have a chat with new people.
Whether you stay for ten minutes or spend your time eating breakfast or taking an afternoon tea break, the cafés aim to bring everyone together.
Cafes on campus
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Café offers

The University of Plymouth cafes offer various deals as a great way to motivated you throughout the day. Whether you are studying with friends, holding a meeting or simply feeling something sweet – these deals are for you.

Global Recipe Book 

As part of Global Week, 14–18 November 2022, staff and students were invited to share their favourite recipes from around the world. 
After receiving some excellent submissions, the Global Recipe Book was put together by the Catering Team, offering you the chance to create these dishes and try something new. Each page offers everything you'll need - from ingredients through to cooking methods.

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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, quality products and ensuring excellent value for money. As we are a subsidiary of the University, all profits are invested back into the University of Plymouth.

If you have any ideas or questions regarding catering on campus, please get in touch by emailing

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