"From my first interaction with representatives of the University, I knew that this would be a fun, interactive and welcoming environment which would help me to do my best in my degree, but also enjoy myself outside of classes."

Student life

"I decided to study at the University of Plymouth because of the great course content and student life.

Being a student at the University is fantastic! Even though COVID-19 put a dampener on some aspects of student life, the University staff have really showed us they care about our well-being.

The teaching staff are excellent, they are very competent and share our passion for all the topics being covered. The education facilities are top class and it’s pretty awesome that the University uses the latest technology, and is paperless as much as possible."

Campus entrance Roland Levinsky

"There really is never a dull moment, whether it be a society event, fun with your friends or taking in the sunset at the Hoe, Plymouth makes for a top-tier student experience."

International students at event
International students on campus
Smeaton's Tower at sunset on Plymouth Hoe

Meeting new people

"Some of my favourite memories from my university experience so far are definitely nights in with my flat mates.

I’m very lucky to live with a group of seven amazing people. All of us come from different backgrounds but share similar energy, which makes for an amazing time when relaxing, laughing and exchanging stories!"

Accommodation residence life
Drake Circus shopping centre entrance

Adapting to a new country

"The biggest difference to my home country is the weather! I’d definitely trade in Plymouth’s cold and windy days for the beaches and sunshine of Barbados. But my favourite difference is that there’s much more variety in terms of shops and entertainment here."

Work hard and have fun

"Come with an open mind, be prepared to work hard and have fun! Plymouth is a great place and the University is very welcoming to international students. As you’ll hear, there are lots of exciting things to do – but remember why you’re coming to university.

Prioritise your work, stay organised, and your university experience will be the best possible!"


"I’d recommend undertaking a course with the University of Plymouth, because it truly is focused on you!

The courses are structured in a way that gives students wide-ranging knowledge that we can then narrow down to our specific interests, and the lecturers always make themselves available to ensure that we are performing at our best."