Joana Bica

“Choosing to study at the University of Plymouth was the best decision I ever made.” 

“I came to an open day at the University and it seemed like such a friendly place. The Student Ambassadors were delighted to be there and that was a positive sign to me. I loved the fact that the campus is so close to everything, including accommodation.”

Meet and greet

A home from home

“The Meet and Greet service was helpful in finding where I had to go, as were the Student Ambassadors. If you get lost, you’ll find someone to help you.
Once I got to my accommodation my stuff was in my room in no time, it was quick and efficient and the ambassadors were friendly and happy to help.” 

Becoming an international local

“Being an International Student may sometimes leave you feeling a little lost, confused or lonely. However, I’ve been at the University for less than a year and I’ve never been happier. 
I would recommend undertaking a course with the University of Plymouth because there are many course options so there is something for everyone, and no matter what area of teaching the lecturers are passionate about their subject and that’s inspiring. 
There’s always someone who can help, and it’s made clear where that help is available.”

 “Come to the UK with an open mind as the culture, food and the people will be a little different to what you’re used to but within a blink of an eye, it will feel like you're at home." 

Joana explains why she chose to come to the UK to study
That’s how I met my current friends, just try to get added to your course group and from there message people and ask to meet up. 
Research how public transport works so you will be able to get around easily and visit friends. 
Living in the UK has provided me with amazing opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to pursue in Portugal.
Bring a few of your favourite snacks, appropriate clothing for the (cold) weather, adaptable plugs and photos of family and friends to make you feel at home.”
Things to bring to university 

Nothing to worry about

“Come to the UK with an open mind as the culture, food and the people will be a little different to what you’re used to but within a blink of an eye, it will feel like you're at home. 
Be prepared for British life, the UK is diverse and welcoming of people from all around the world so you'll find plenty of fellow international students in the same situation – you won’t be alone.
Everyone wants to make friends, you won’t be the only one.
Facebook groups are a good way to meet people and find out what’s happening. 
Open day student ambassador
Drake's Reservoir

Bite-size learning

 “I like going to the Reservoir Cafe to enjoy the nice views, especially when the sun is out. It’s a great place to sit outside with your laptop. The Student Union shop is handy for snacks at an affordable price, especially when I’m studying at the nearby library. Bella Italia restaurant is recommended too. It’s not far from campus and they offer a good student discount.” 
The Hoe, Plymouth 
Smeatons Tower, The Hoe, plymouth
The Hoe, Plymouth
“When the weather is pleasant I pop down to Plymouth Hoe, as it’s beautiful and there are many places to sit with friends and enjoy the scenery. 
I use the library to get my work done and watch films with my flatmates to relax.”

 “The Hoe is the most beautiful place in Plymouth, in my opinion.” 


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