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From Canada to Plymouth

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Eryn and I am currently studying an MSc in Zoo Conservation Biology at the University of Plymouth. I, like many, studied my undergrad in my home town surrounded by friends and family. I grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada and have lived on the beautiful prairies my whole life. When I made the decision to apply for my masters in the UK, I was quite nervous as it meant I could be moving from my small province of 1.1 million people to a place with 66 million people… talk about serious change. With the nerves in tow, I decided to bite the bullet and apply to three schools in the South West of England. Happily, I got accepted by my first choice, the University of Plymouth.

International student blogger Eryn writes about her experiences moving from Canada to Plymouth.

Sevastian Kiremitcioglu

Sevastian Kiremitcioglu