International students - frequently asked questions

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Can I work whilst studying?

This will depend on your visa status, many international students take on part time work whilst studying. For more information please see our page on working in the UK. 

Do I need a visa to study?

Most international students will require a Student (formerly Tier 4) visa to study at University of Plymouth, this will depend on your circumstances. Please see our Immigration and Visas page for more information. 

o you offer an airport pick up service?

Yes, we provide a Heathrow airport pick up service for new international students every September. You will be provided with more information regarding this once you receive an offer from us. 

How much does it cost to live in Plymouth?

Although UKVI require a minimum of £1,015 per month of study for living costs for outside London, the cost of living in Plymouth can be significantly lower (depending on your lifestyle). You can find more information of cost of living, and budgeting advice on the UKCISA website

What clubs or societies does the University have?

The Students' Union has over 160 clubs and societies. You can see the current list on the UPSU website.

Are there halal supermarkets and restaurants in Plymouth?

Yes, we will provide information on where to find these once you arrive. You can also find information about the international food stores and restaurants in Plymouth in our international food booklet

How can I get information on places of worship in Plymouth?

We have a multi-faith chaplaincy on campus. They provide support for people of any faith, or none, and can also direct you to places of worship within Plymouth.

Who can help me with settling in, for example if I need help with:

Visa questions?

If you have not yet arrived in Plymouth, please contact our international admissions team with any visa questions. Once you are in Plymouth you can contact our Student Services team:

Getting a bank account?

During our international orientation programme we will help you with this process. We have a bank on campus, and most other major banks are within five minutes walk from campus. 

Registering with a doctor?

Our international orientation programme will help you register. We have a doctors surgery and pharmacy on campus. 

Finding the shops I need?

We offer city tours during orientation, and the city centre is across the street from the campus, making it easy to quickly find your way around Plymouth. We have many international food stores in Plymouth and our International Student Advice team and current students will be able to help you when you arrive.

Finding my way around the campus and city?

You'll have a campus and city tours when you arrive, you can also take a look at our maps of the area

Meeting people? 

At our international orientation events there will be opportunities to meet people from the UK and around the world. Our students union, UPSU, also has a wide variety of clubs and societies that provide great opportunities to meet people from across the University.

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Please note if you have previously studied, made an application or an enquiry to the University of Plymouth and have since changed your nationality, you will be unable to enrol until evidence of your new nationality has been provided and verified.

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