Ivanna on campus

"Being a student at the University of Plymouth is like living out a dream; a dream where I can be whoever I want to be."

"The University of Plymouth not only provides you with an education, but also with an experience of self-discovery and opportunities of personal development, both within and outside of your academic discipline. I am so grateful for the opportunity!"

Team spirit

"In my first year, I joined the Women’s 1st Basketball Team. The most exciting part of this experience was travelling to other universities for basketball matches.

It was always an exciting time for the team – we would sing songs during our four-hour journeys there and back, our team spirit and support for one another was heightened, and it was a time to nurture the connection we already had through a common interest in the sport. If I had a chance to do it all again, I definitely would!"


A home from home

"Coming from a small island, I wanted to travel to a place that was not too unfamiliar in terms of the climate and the environment. Plymouth provided that for me by being relatively warmer than other areas in the UK, and by being close to the sea.

Additionally, the University offers a strong Environmental Science degree program, along with the perks of being in a city."

Students on Plymouth Hoe

A different culture

"The difference between living in the UK and my home country lies within the culture – the UK's food, music, language, norms and even activities are all new to me!

The most beautiful thing about the UK is that it is much more diverse than my home country. Therefore, I not only get the opportunity to experience British cultures and differences, but also those of other countries around the world."

Feel supported

"The University of Plymouth is located in the centre of the city, with everything you need at your fingertips. Plymouth is also a really safe city, which brings peace of mind when studying in a foreign country.

What's more, the University offers great support for international students, so you've always got someone to talk to when you need it."

buildings, Campus, City Centre - photo by Lloyd Russell
Plymouth Hoe
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Ivanna Odle – BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

Ivanna Odle previously studied at Harrison College in Barbados. Here she tells us about her experience so far of studying for her undergraduate bachelor’s degree at the University of Plymouth.

BSc (Hon) Environmental Science students during a 2 day expedition on Dartmoor  

Follow in Ivanna's footsteps

Environmental scientists are critical to addressing global environmental challenges. Your degree will provide you with the knowledge and skills to identify and develop solutions to a wide range of environmental challenges on land and in our oceans, including climate change, biodiversity loss, conservation and sustainability.
Applying the latest techniques in the laboratory and the field, you will graduate ready to shape the future of fields from ecosystem management to environmental monitoring.