Ayushi Subedi

"Even after being the only girl for the first two years in my course, and having only male lecturers, I have never felt like I was left out or did not belong here. I have always got support in everything that I have been involved in at the University."

A big change

"Coming from Nepal, a landlocked country, and choosing to study Marine Engineering, was already a huge decision for me to take.

I still vividly remember the day when I told myself that the University of Plymouth was exactly where I wanted to go. Before I had even applied for my course at the University, I had received so much support and guidance from the International Office regarding the application and my course. This made me feel that I would be valued and taken care of if I was a student there.

My main reason for choosing the University of Plymouth was my interest in the course – it is so vast, yet so specific, covering different aspects of engineering."

Plymouth Hoe
Open day ambassador talking to visitors

Sense of responsibility

"It would be unfair if I just talked about one exciting thing that I have done during my time at the University, as I have several of them.

I think working as a student ambassador and representing the University was one of the most exciting things that I did, and it also made me feel like I was a part of the University.

Being elected as secretary of the Women’s Engineering society at the University was another fun experience, and gave me a sense of duty."

Adjusting to a new culture

"The food here is different compared to my home country, but there is no need to worry as there are plenty of Nepalese restaurants nearby.

There are also plenty of grocery shops to get all the herbs and spices to make a Nepalese meal at home.

The weather is more or less the same, but it does not rain back in Nepal as much as it does here!"


"I would say that there are lots more opportunities here than I received back in my country and I am very grateful for that."

"Here at the University of Plymouth, you will never be disappointed by a lecturer – they are always there to help you."

"I have always got support in everything that I have been involved in at the University, be it securing a part-time job as a student ambassador or a year long placement as an R&D engineer."

Undergraduate open days

Achieve great things

"Throughout my course, I have felt like I have had a lot of help from my lecturers, which helped me to achieve a 1st class degree and make it to the Dean’s list.

Again, securing a year-long placement at a multinational company, ‘Atlas Copco’, would not have been possible without the help I received from the Careers and Employability Service.

I would say that at the University of Plymouth, you will always have someone who will help and support you to achieve great things."

Lecture at PAHC
2016 summer ball

Stepping out of my comfort zone

"It was difficult at the beginning to step out of my comfort zone and to adapt in a new country, but I believe that all the love and support that I received from the University staff and my friends made me feel at home."

"You will remember your university experience for the rest of your life so while you are here, make the most of it!"

Sports activities
University of Plymouth Staff Sailing Club
Geology student Omolara Oyedeji climbing at Plymouth's Life Centre climbing wall

Don’t be afraid and go out and mingle with people. Join the clubs and societies you are interested in. Lastly, don’t forget the most important part: to work hard for your course, because that is the main reason you are here.

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