Professor Chris Bennewith

Professor Chris Bennewith

Professor of Interactive Art and Design

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Key publications

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Brucker-Cohen J, Bech T, Rowe A, Bushell G, Birtles L, Bennewith C, Bown O, Sun D, Su P & Roy N 2016 'Data Materialities Art Gallery: Introduction and Gallery' Leonardo 49, (4) 352-374 , DOI
Conference Papers
Ferguson S, Rowe A, Bown O, Birtles L & Bennewith C 2017 'Networked Pixels' C&C '17: Creativity and Cognition ACM , DOI
Rowe A, Bushell G, Birtles L, Bennewith C & Bown O 2016 'Submergence 2013 & 2016' 356-357
01/10/201630/11/2016Submergence 2016. Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Other Publications
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