Laiba Nasir – BSc (Hons) Economics with Law

“I chose the University of Plymouth because it provides the best student experience. The location is absolutely amazing with a mesmerising sea front.”

Coming to Plymouth

“At first, in terms of culture, independence, adaptation, acceptance, responsibility and time management, it is challenging moving from Pakistan to study in a different country. But I have a vibrant personality and found it easy to connect with people. 

The culture shock is overwhelmingly positive. However, adjusting to it can take time. Everyone in Plymouth is friendly and ready to answer your questions

You will not feel lonely as there are so many people to surround yourself with. 

My course also has great scope and career opportunities, and with so many countries in need of economists and statisticians this degree is highly valuable in any sector, private or public.

The University has excellent reviews - you will not be disappointed.”

Students on campus with Plymouth Award banner

Taking some time out

“On a sunny day I go for a walk around The Hoe, buy an ice cream, hang out with friends and, if deadlines are near, go to the University library afterwards. On a rainy day, I call friends over, order pizza and play Monopoly.

<p>Mount Edgcumbe</p>

Mount Edgcumbe


Mount Edgcumbe ferry<br></p>
<p>Enjoy a tasty roast dinner at Francis Drake Cafe</p>
LLB Law with Business