Thomas Malm

“I wanted to work within shipping and base my degree in maritime business, not just business and economics in general. I did my research and found the University of Plymouth is highly recognised for delivering good students in maritime business, so the choice was easy.”

Making the leap

“My first journey to Plymouth was in 2016 on an exercise with the Norwegian Navy. 

I remember it as a nice, small city. It is really great here, and there are a lot of international students so it is easy to get to know new people. 

The differences aren’t big, I would say it is better to be a student in the UK rather than in Norway because it is so much cheaper here for food and drinks.

Do your homework when it comes to accommodation, there is a big price and difference in quality. 

It really is important to find a place you like.

Find your student organisation, the student union has a wide range of different clubs and societies who makes it easy to meet new people(if you don’t find anything for you, just make one yourself). 

The University is great with good facilities, great staff in a wonderful city.”

"Plymouth has much to offer"

Thomas explains why he chose to come to the UK to study

Social climber

“I haven't eaten out so much in Plymouth, but I think The Barbican has a lot of nice restaurants and bars that I really want to try.
On Fridays I just chill with friends playing video games. On Saturday I meet the guys for a beer at the Hoe, then meet again for pre-drinks and go out. I’m surprised how good the nightlife in Plymouth is. Sunday is spent relaxing, maybe going for a burger. If the weather is nice we love to hang out on the Hoe, just play football or chill out.
Join a society, it’s an easy way to get to know new and current students (current students can give you a lot of great tips). 

Experience the area, Plymouth has much to offer and the area around Devon and Cornwall is beautiful.
Last but most importantly, have fun. You’re here to study but being a student in another country will give you great opportunities to do something different from everyone else at home.” 

Beautiful Cornwall

“I’m a social guy, but moving to a new country without knowing anyone is difficult. I recommend living in a student hall with other students as it makes it so much easier to enjoy the first week before you get to know your classmates. 

When I was here with the Norwegian Navy in 2016, some friends and I explored Cornwall on foot, we walked a whole day and it's one of the most beautiful places I have been in a long time.”

Shutterstock image: Rumps point North Cornwall
Rumps Point, in North Cornwall
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