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Plymouth Business School's new industry-led programmes will set you up for successful employment and a happy lifestyle

In January 2020, before COVID-19 was much of a topic for conversation, Plymouth Business School embarked on a revisioning of what a high-quality 2030 business education experience would look like from a student point of view, no matter where in the world they wanted to work.

We have redoubled our commitment to good business practice and social, economic and environmental responsibility. Our mission is to put business-ready graduates on a path to a successful career and a happy life by creating confidence, resilience and the ability to be nimble.

Dr Steven Butts, Head of Plymouth Business School


Have you got existing qualifications? Are you thinking about what's next?

A top-up degree enhances your existing qualifications and can open doors to new career or educational possibilities. Not only will you be graduating with a full undergraduate degree from the University of Plymouth, you will also benefit from our public, private and third sector relationships and international collaborations.

Find out more about our top-up courses and see how you could become a University of Plymouth Graduate in a year 

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