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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all of our lives. Both the spread of the virus and the measures taken to halt or manage it, have necessitated major changes in how we do things. Health and care organisations, like hospitals, surgeries and care homes have all had to adapt, but the same has also been true of other organisations such as schools and youth services, as well as individuals. Some of these alterations may prove temporary, while others, whether it be changes in personal behaviour or new innovations in service provision, may be more enduring.Researchers from across the University of Plymouth have been undertaking a diverse range of projects related in some way to the impact and challenges posed by COVID-19 and its associated affects. We aim to highlight key examples of this work and providing links to more in-depth information.

COVID recovery and nutrition

Ensuring continuity of nutritional care for patients after discharge
This project develops a knowledge hub to support nutritional care for patients who are recovering from COVID-19. This included a series of free talks by experts on nutrition for anyone who has had COVID-19 or cares for someone with or who has had the infection.
Topics of the talks include: 
  • Is there an anti-inflammatory diet?
  • Is there a link between food and my symptoms
  • Psychological wellbeing and communication with healthcare professionals. 
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Education Impact and Adaptation

Investigating the 'strategic leadership' role of Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) in England planning for COVID.

Collaboration with Exeter University, to study whether and how special educational needs coordinators (SENCos) are involved in strategic planning for crises, with reference to school exclusion.

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Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research

The Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research (PIHR) is a thriving community that conducts adventurous world-leading research with the explicit purpose of improving the health and care of the populations we serve. 
Our work is grounded in the needs of the people of the South West and other rural, coastal, and deprived communities worldwide, but PIHR’s research has national and international reach and impact. 
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