Online Surveys

If you’ve chosen to undertake a survey as part of your research project, the University of Plymouth preferred option is to use Jisc Online Surveys for which we already hold an 'Organisation' license. The service operates in the UK, is governed by UK law, is GDPR compliant and meets the ISO/IEC 270001 information security standard.

Requesting access to online surveys

The Jisc online survey tool is designed for Academic Research, Education and Public Sector organisations. It’s a powerful, easy to use tool for creating online surveys and is used by over 300 different organisations in the UK and internationally. It allows you to develop, deploy, and analyse surveys via the web.

To request access to online surveys, please raise a request. If you’ve chosen to undertake a survey as part of your research project, you will be asked to provide the following information within three months of being given access to JISC online surveys.

  • Ethical approval for your study (if required)
  • Confirmation of completion of GDPR training
  • Research Data Management Plan (if required)

JISC Online Surveys is not intended to be used for data storage. Within the service, the survey owner can archive/export data if needed. It is the survey owners responsibility to ensure they have data backups and to remember to remove data from JISC Online Surveys on to the University of Plymouth’s secure One Drive system (which will be stored for a maximum of 10 years) once they no longer require access to the data on JISC Online Surveys.

Why we are moving away from other providers

There are privacy and compliance concerns with Survey Monkey; some of these can be mitigated by entering into a data processing agreement with Survey Monkey which is now available for 'paid subscriptions'. This is not granted automatically and must be requested from Survey Monkey. Consideration should still be given to the fact the data is stored in the United States however. 

Helpful information

University of Plymouth ethical approval process

University of Plymouth GDPR Privacy Coordinators

GDPR training

Research Data Management

Online surveys help and support


You will need to register your survey as an information asset within your faculty information asset register (IAR). Information can be found here. Each faculty has an IAR lead; the list of those can be found here