Care home conversations

Bringing together people living and working in residential and care homes during COVID-19

Care homes and other shared residential settings are undoubtedly feeling the impact of COVID-19 and people who live and work in these settings have needed to adapt in extremely difficult circumstances.

Just some of the many challenges care homes are facing include grief, restrictions to visiting and changes to everyday routines. We also know that residents and workers have responded with courage.

The South West Integrated Personalised Care team (SWIPC) is partnering with the South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) and the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (PenARC) to: 

  • Understand people’s experiences of how COVID-19 is affecting care homes as places to live and work 
  • Highlight what is currently working well or not
  • Identify and develop a picture of ‘what could be’ in the future.

A series of conversations were convened in May and June 2020, hosted via Zoom, bringing together people living and working in care homes and other shared residential settings, as well as care home managers, owners, GPs, commissioners and others visiting care homes.

Each conversation focused on the things that matter to people supporting or living and working in care homes, as well as listening to participants' thoughts and experiences first-hand.

The questions posed in the conversations were:

1. What matters to you about living or working in a residential or care home?

2. What are the things we would/would not want to change?

3. What is going to make the most difference?

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