Improving older people's quality of life through research action on housing and public space adaptation and also social isolation prevention

Ageing populations are a key concern within European countries; the proportion of senior citizens, compared to younger age groups, is expected to increase further in the coming years. This, in turn, could influence the number of people living with dependencies such as long-term health conditions or mobility needs.

This will intensify the current concerns to care for citizens, demanding more funding and facilities than governments can currently provide. Therefore, enabling future generations an affordable but efficient healthcare sector requires a new wave of innovation in social care.

Robots as assistive technologies form an emerging market with increasing impact; from supporting patients' cognitive abilities to providing remote monitoring of their health status and support in activities of daily living (ADL), assistive robots have the potential to change the way we perceive and treat a range of impairments and conditions, and how we actively support those in need.

That said, to bring innovations into social care, research needs to be thoroughly grounded in an understanding of user needs. The AGE’IN project is developing solutions to enable older people to improve their quality of life and stay at home longer.

AGE'IN for companies

Our evaluation support services will provide access to state-of-the-art technology for companies to test their products with lead users.
Benefit from UX and UI evaluation, technological support, development of pilots and demonstration of prototypes.

AGE'IN for the public

Our evaluation of assistive devices and robots will let us give you experience-based recommendations on products available in the market to support independent living. 

Based on continuous market research and our work with pioneer companies in the field, AGE’IN will provide a comprehensive up-to-date review of technology to improve the lives of our elderly generation.

Our partners

AGE’IN partners are experienced in facing common challenges within ageing, lack of actions towards the loss of autonomy and inappropriate housing conditions.

Pooling together resources and sharing knowledge and good practices are crucial to reducing the existing gap between France and the UK on one hand and Belgium and the Netherlands on the other hand, with respect to the share of housing appropriated for elderly.