Public Research Programme

Research is at the core of everything we do at the University of Plymouth.

Our rich research culture seeks to better understand the world we live in, and – for many – make a difference that will leave it better for future generations.

We are celebrating the impact of this work by opening up the often intriguing world of research, inviting the public, researchers, businesses, and students to hear the fascinating research stories.

Introduced by Professor Jerry Roberts, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, we welcome you to our programme of research-focused events for captivating explorations of science, engineering, arts, culture, health, medicine and more. 

Join us for the:

  • Inaugural Professorial Lectures
  • Public Research Lectures
  • Research Festival, and
  • Christmas Lecture.

Research Festival

Research Festival 2021

28 June – 2 July

The annual Research Festival celebrates curiosity and collaboration, showcasing leading work across disciplines and inviting fellow academics, industry, students, policymakers, and the public to understand more of our world and those living in it.

Hear cutting-edge research from world-leading experts and top keynote speakers and learn how your own research or business could achieve greater impact through collaboration, locally and globally.

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Inaugural Professorial Lectures

The Inaugural Professorial Lectures acknowledge our academics who have been awarded their professorship as a mark of their esteemed research.

Join us for a celebration of their accomplishments in a special evening where they share their journey so far and their insights into the specialist topics their high-quality research investigates. 

Educating for capability and sustainability of the healthcare workforce – Professor Tom Gale

Inaugural Professorial Lecture | Thursday 22 April | Watch the recording

As the NHS and other healthcare providers face the most challenging era in living memory, the question of how to best maintain a sustainable workforce is arguably more important than ever. Professor of Medical Education, Tom Gale, reflects on his career dedicated to addressing real-world concerns for the healthcare sector by tackling the critical issues around education, recruitment, selection and retention of healthcare professionals. 

How do we ensure water quality after Brexit? – Professor Sean Comber

Inaugural Professorial Lecture | Wednesday 31 March | Watch the recording

Sean Comber, Professor of Environmental Chemistry, explores whether metal, phosphates and pharmaceutical pollutants pose any cause for concern and how water quality holds up against the environmental standards currently in place. Drawing on more than 30 years of expertise, he questions what regulations could, or should, be introduced post-Brexit to regulate the pollution, and how far do we go to protect the environment?

Christmas Lecture

Beethoven's private legacy: his musical sketches

Christmas Lecture | Wednesday 16 December | Watch the recording

What insight do Beethoven’s musical sketches provide to the inner workings of his creative process? Dr Robert Taub and Professor James Daybell marked Beethoven’s 250th birthday in a special evening, exploring how these sketches lead to a greater understanding of the creative evolution of his art. 

The discussion with musical accompaniment illustrated how Beethoven challenged artistic perceptions of human expression and how listening to music has changed through generations.