Public Research Programme
Research is at the core of everything we do at the University of Plymouth.
Our rich research culture seeks to better understand the world we live in, and – for many – make a difference that will leave it better for future generations.
We are celebrating the impact of this work by opening up the often intriguing world of research, inviting the public, researchers, businesses, and students to hear the fascinating research stories.
Throughout 2023 we will be running the Inaugural Professorial Lecture series which acknowledges the research expertise of our academics who have been awarded their professorship. Join us in a special lecture to celebrate their accomplishments and to discover more about their pioneering research.  
We look forward to welcoming you to our programme of research-focused Professorial lectures for captivating explorations of science, engineering, arts, culture, health, medicine and more. 

Upcoming events

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The tangled bank: a view from geneland – Professor Mairi Knight

Inaugural Professorial Lecture | Thursday 18 May | Bookings open soon
Professor of Evolutionary Ecology, Mairi Knight, is an expert in the evolutionary and ecological processes that give rise to and maintain extant biodiversity. Her research explores the diversification and maintenance of life with a particular focus on bees, although she has worked on a range of other systems.  
Mairi will present examples from this research in her inaugural lecture, discussing how advances in technology have revolutionised the genetic tools available in this field and unlocked new perspectives on Darwin’s tangled bank.

Smart cities and communities: the future of connected neighbourhoods – Professor Katharine Willis

Inaugural Professorial Lecture | Wednesday 7 June | 18:00–20:00
Professor of Smart Cities and Communities, Katharine Willis, is a leading expert in how new technologies can help create inclusive environments in which people and communities can engage with the places that they live.
In her inaugural lecture, Katharine shares insight to ways in which we might live in cities in the future, identifying the need to take a place-based approach when developing smart cities.
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Professor of e-Health, Shangming Zhou | Thursday 29 June
Shangming’s research focuses on the use of AI technology in the health and care sectors, including statistics in health and biomedical informatics. He has particular interest in applying AI techniques to chronic diseases (such as cancer, dementia and diabetes). 
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