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The aim of SR@PU is to provide guidance and resources on conducting systematic reviews for staff and students at University of Plymouth, and to bring together a network of researchers for discussion, to share expertise, and methodological development. 

Researchers involved in evidence synthesis at University of Plymouth


Resources at University of Plymouth

Searching and Review Clinics through PenARC– drop-in one-to-one consultation appointments available with an information specialist and/or systematic reviewer. For more information, please email
Systematic Reviews Peer Support Network –these meetings are held every other month for any staff or students working on systematic reviews. For more information, please email
Getting started with your systematic or scoping reviewa short step-by-step guidebook on conducting a literature search.

Books available at University of Plymouth 

Gough D, Oliver S, Thomas J, editors. An introduction to systematic reviews. Sage; 2017. 
Booth A, Sutton A, Papaioannou D. Systematic approaches to a successful literature review. Sage; 2016..
Borenstein, M. Introduction to Meta-analysis. Wiley, 2009. 
Boland, A, Cherry, M. G., and Dickson, R. Doing a Systematic Review: A Student's Guide. Sage; 2014. 
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