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From basic research discovering the causes of disease, through to evaluating novel ways of delivering care to the most vulnerable people in society, the Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research (PIHR) is a thriving community that conducts adventurous world-leading research with the explicit purpose of improving the health and care of the populations we serve. At the heart of PIHR’s mission is a desire to solve the problems that really matter to people.

Our mission is to promote an interdisciplinary, inclusive enterprise with a real commitment to working across boundaries in order to meet the needs of the people of the South West and other rural, coastal, and deprived communities worldwide.

If you have a query about the institute or an idea for a collaboration please contact us via: PIHRSupport@plymouth.ac.uk

Research themes

Featured research project

Designing Inclusive Landscape Structures for Myopic and Low Vision Children in Educational Environments

Myopia and low vision have become increasingly prevalent amongst children. This interdisciplinary project brings together researchers in optometry (Oehring), environmental science (Martin) and early childhood education (Campbell Barr) to explore the role of outdoor activities in mitigating myopia, and study how inclusive landscape design can encourage such activities. 
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SHAP(E)ing Health Collaborations

The many benefits that the social sciences, arts and humanities can make to health have long been recognised. These range from using art, performance or poetry to improve patient wellbeing, through oral history as a form of intergenerational learning, history and heritage connected to memory and place-making, computer music-led therapies/interventions for locked in syndrome and dementia, to applying business and economics research to the organisation of health interventions. 
PIHR hosts a range of collaborations between health and care researchers and those in the "SHAPE" disciplines of social science, humanities and arts. Read more about the projects we support
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Postgraduate research opportunities

The University of Plymouth offers a range of postgraduate research degrees across all areas of health research.
The Doctoral College is the hub for all research degree processes – from enquiries and application processes to the award of degrees.
Find out more about the areas in which we supervise postgraduate research at both doctoral and masters levels. Here we offer a flavour of potential topics for your own research project and who to contact to discuss your options.