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The research of applied health genetics team is wide-ranging, but our focus lies firmly on enabling the delivery of effective healthcare services that meet the needs of the client group. Much of our current research is on improving health professional competence in genetics. We meet weekly and we would welcome any interested staff or students. If you would like to attend the research meeting please contact Professor Heather Skirton for details of dates and venues. 


  • Gen-Equip project. Plymouth lead this Erasmus+ EU funded project to develop online education in genetics for health professionals in six European countries.
  • MedGen project. We are partners in this TEMPUS funded EU project to improve education and professional training for genetics specialists in Israel and Armenia
  • CHIPME Cost action – looking at how public/private partnerships can enhance genetic healthcare in Europe. 
  • PhD student Selina Goodman is studying the ways in which we can improve communication about risk in families affected by Lynch syndrome
  • PhD student Turem Delikurt is studying provision of culturally appropriate genetic counselling to Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus
  • PhD student Lea Godino is studying the ways in which we can improve counselling for young adults having presymptomatic testing in Italy and the UK.