Society, Culture and Mobility

Our research draws upon and contributes to geographical thinking to provide an understanding of issues affecting contemporary society. Our work is characterised by well-contextualised empirical studies that further geographical knowledge and are valuable to policy makers and practitioners. 

Members of the our research group are interested in issues including the social and cultural geographies of artistic and everyday practices, the use of urban public spaces, family migration processes, students in higher education, citizenship, rural life, transport and travel, and the relationship between the armed forces and society. 

Our research was rated highly in the 2014 REF exercise, both for its academic significance and its broader societal impact. Research is undertaken across Europe and with a large number of colleagues in universities across the UK and beyond. Current and recent projects have been supported by grant funding from the Economic and Social Research Council, The European Union, the French National Research Agency, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust and the UK Government.



Hoyda Darkal

Supervisor: Naomi Tyrrell with Geoff Wilson

Funding: to be confirmed

Research theme: Family resilience among refugees in the UK

Malgorzata Fryzlewicz

Supervisors: Naomi Tyrrell

Funding: to be confirmed

Research theme: Minority language groups in Japan and the Netherlands​

Gina Kallis

Supervisor: Naomi Tyrrell

Funding: University studentship

Research theme: Researching transnational families: an intergenerational perspective on issues of culture and identity among Greek-Cypriot migrant communities in England.​

Alison Rumbles

Supervisors: Jon Shaw with Andrew Seedhouse

Funding: Department for Transport and South West Smart Applications Ltd

Research theme: A critical evaluation of ITSO Smart Ticketing, policy, practice and outcomes

Recently completed postgraduates:

Rebecca Wheeler

Supervisor: Richard Yarwood with Ian Bailey

Funding: to be confirmed

Research theme: Experiences of place and change in rural landscapes: three English case studies