Governing mobilities: Research project

Development (with Danny Mackinnon, University of Newcastle, Iain Docherty, University of Glasgow, and David Waite, University of Glasgow)

The research for this new monograph focuses on how states govern and manage space, examining in particular the nexus between transport, devolution and urban and regional development in England, Scotland and Wales. The particular focus is on the second ‘round’ of devolution where that has powers have been decentralised to a range of types of subnational transport bodies operating at different scales and with varying levels of autonomy. The result has been an increasingly complex and fragmented geography of governance as new institutional forms intersect with pre-existing governance arrangements and distinct local circumstances. In making these developments the focus of its enquiry, the book extends and deepens existing theories of state restructuring, presents and discusses a significant new dataset derived from extensive, primary empirical research, and builds a new analytical framework for studying the geography of sub-national governance.

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