Metabolic Health Research Group

Metabolism, lifestyle and disease

Dysfunctional metabolism is associated with diverse medical disorders. Nutrition and lifestyle establish an appropriate energy balance that is crucial for metabolic health. When this energy balance is perturbed, chronic diseases may arise that affect people across the life course. Obesity, diabetes and their multifarious complications are key examples of chronic metabolic disorders, which, in turn, negatively affect the disease prognosis of people with acute illnesses.

Metabolic Health Research in Plymouth

The Metabolic Health Research Group comprises scientists with broad expertise in molecular and cellular discovery, lifestyle and behavioural change, and clinical intervention. Combining our specialised skills in translational research projects, we aim to improve current treatments for metabolic diseases by unravelling their underlying causes.


Research themes


</p><div>Digital illustration of Mitochondria in colour background</div><p></p>
Biochemistry (discovery)
<p>Human body medical</p>
<p>Diabetes clinic<br></p>
<p>Nutrition exercise health</p>
Lifestyle and behaviour

Our experts


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