Dr Feisal Subhan

Dr Feisal Subhan

Lecturer in Biomedical Science - Human Physiology (Education)

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Health)



1.  Contribute to the teaching, curriculum developments, course management, assessments, quality assurance of the School of Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences

2.   To act as an expert resource in human physiology within the School's undergraduate programme

3.   To participate and contribute to research activity within the School

4.  To contribute towards the development and evaluation of various modules within the School


1997 PhD in the Exercise & Respiration Laboratory, Department of Physiological Sciences, Medical School, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Thesis Title: The effects of volitional breathing on breathlessness during exercise


1991 BSc (Honours) Physiological Sciences, Department of Physiological Sciences, Medical School, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Professional membership

Member of the Physiological Society, UK (since 2000)

Life member of the Pakistan Physiological Society (since 1998)

Member of the Dyspnea Society, USA (since 2013)

Roles on external bodies

Programme committee member for the 2013 International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) Teaching Workshop held 18 - 21 July 2013 in Bristol 2013


Physiology external moderator, Year 2 MD students, College of Medicine, AMA University,Bahrain, 2012-3


Member of the Education committee of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) from 2010 to 2013



Teaching interests

At Plymouth, I am module leader for the following modules:

BIOM1008 Pharmacology and Therapeutics

BIOM2011 Clinical Physiology Instrumentation and Techniques

BIOM2015 Principles of Cardiovascular, Respiratory and SleepAnalysis

BIOM2016 Methods in the Monitoring of Pulmonary Function

BIOM2017 Techniques in Respiratory Gas Analysis

BIOM3009 Reproductive Science 

BIOM3016 Applied Respiratory Sciences

BIOM3017 Applied Sleep Sciences

I have taught physiology to various groups of students (medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, applied medical sciences, postgraduates) in all areas of physiology using lectures, laboratory classes and student centred PBL tutorials. I prefer to teach topics from all areas of physiology, so as to remain aware of current changes in all fields of human biology. Over the past five years I have taught the complete course for nutrition, musculoskeletal, endocrine, respiratory, blood, cardiovascular and reproductive physiology. My experience of teaching in a hybrid PBL curriculum has given me an increased awareness of current issues in all the medical sciences.

Staff serving as external examiners

Thesis Examiner, PhD Pharmacology, Karachi University, Pakistan(2003)

External Examiner, MSc Physiology, Karachi University, Pakistan(2001)

External Examiner, MBBS Part 1A, Baqai Medical University,Pakistan (2000 & 2001)



Research interests

Respiratory physiology, lung function in health & disease, breathlessness (dyspnoea) testing, exercise, smoking, markers of lung inflammation and heart rate variability

Other research

Epidemiological research and physiology education

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

MPhil Dr S H Hassan (2005). Dyspnoea & lung function correlates in asthma patients. Baqai Medical University, Pakistan

MPhil Dr Q A Siddiqui (2003). Effects of Ramadan fasting on lung function variables in healthy Pakistani subjects. Baqai Medical University, Pakistan

PhD Dr S A Meo (2001). Spirometry, blood variables, radiology and costal EMGs in cement workers. Hamdard University, Pakistan

Grants & contracts

2010-13 Awarded Grant from Arabian Gulf University (Co-investigator:Dr Subhan). Project: Effectiveness of a physical activity education programme with or without a pedometer, to improve physical activity level as well as markers of glucose control, cardio-respiratory fitness and lung inflammation in Bahraini adults with type II diabetes. Joint project with Ahlia University, Bahrain (US$ 42,000)

2009 Physiological Society travel grant for to the 36thIUPS Congress and Teaching Workshop in Japan

2008-2010 Awarded Grant from Arabian GulfUniversity (PI: Dr Subhan). Project: Measurement ofexhaled nitric oxide andlung function in patients with asthma and diabetes (US$21,000)

2006-2008 Awarded Grant from King Saud University (PI: Dr Subhan). Project: Correlations between exercise induced dyspnea, exhaled nitric oxide, cytokines, hematological variables and disease severity in sickle cell anemia patients in Saudi Arabia (US$ 20,000)

2005-2008 Awarded External Grant from the King Abdul Aziz City for  Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia (PI: Dr Subhan). Project: Predictive values for cardiopulmonary exercise testing, diffusing capacity, respiratory muscle strength and exhaled nitric oxide in healthy adult Saudis (US$ 75,000)

2005-2008 Awarded External Grant from the King Abdul Aziz City for Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia (PI:Dr Subhan). Project: Relationship between dyspnea, respiratory muscle strength and inflammatory markers in underweight and normal weight COPD patients before and after inspiratory muscle training (US$ 20,000)

2002 FAOPS Travel grant to attend the 5th FAOPS Scientific Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2001-2005 Awarded Grant from the Aga KhanUniversity (PI: Dr Subhan). Project: Effects of conditioning, deconditioning and inspiratory muscle training on breathlessness estimations during exercise in normals (US$ 10,000)

2001 IUPS Travel Award & Physiological Society travel grant for to the 34th IUPS Congress in New Zealand. American PhysiologicalSociety Fellowship and a COMSTECH grant for IUPS satellite meetings

1995 Awarded student grant from the Dr M Wali Postgradute Trust, London



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Ravi R & Subhan MMF (2023) 'The effects of acute hypoxia on cognitive and cardiovascular parameters in healthy subjects' Academia Biology , DOI Open access
Subhan M (2023) 'Optimization of sniff nasal inspiratory pressure (SNIP) measurement methodology in healthy subjects' BMC Pulmonary Medicine , DOI Open access
Ali K, Kisielewska J, Subhan F & Tredwin C (2019) 'How Does Dyslexia Impact on the Educational Experiences of Healthcare Students? A Qualitative Study' European Journal of Dental Education , DOI Open access
Subhan MMF (2013) 'International Union of Physiological Sciences Physiology Teaching Workshop, March 31–April 1, 2012, Arabian Gulf University, Kingdom of Bahrain' Advances in Physiology Education 37, (1) 119-122 , DOI
Subhan MMF, Ali SA, Bokhari SSI, Khan MN & Ahmad HR (2012) 'Underweight and overweight men have greater exercise-induced dyspnoea than normal weight men' Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences 117, (4) 383-389 , DOI Open access
Siddiqui QA, Shaikh SA, Qureshi TZ & Subhan MM (2010) 'A comparison of red-green color vision deficiency between medical and non-medical students in Pakistan' SAUDI MEDICAL JOURNAL 31, (8) 895-899 Author Site
Subhan MM, Al-Khlaiwi T & Ghandourah SO (2009) 'Smoking among health science university students in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia' SAUDI MEDICAL JOURNAL 30, (12) 1610-1612 Author Site
Habib SS, Abba AA, Al-Zoghaibi MA & Subhan MM (2009) 'Reference range values of fractional exhaled nitric oxide in healthy Arab adult males' SAUDI MEDICAL JOURNAL 30, (11) 1395-1400 Author Site
Abba A, Habib S, Beg MS & Alzoghaibi M (2009) 'Exhaled nitric oxide in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease' Annals of Thoracic Medicine 4, (2) 65-65 , DOI
Subhan MM (2008) 'Evaluation of the effect of Islamic fasting on lung volumes and capacities in healthy persons' SAUDI MEDICAL JOURNAL 29, (4) 626-626 Author Site
Meo SA, Azeem MA, Qureshi AA, Ghori GM, Al-Drees AM & Feisal Subhan MM (2006) 'Dose response effect of cement dust on respiratory muscles competence in cement mill workers' International Journal of Environmental Health Research 16, (6) 439-447 , DOI
Subhan MMF, Siddiqui QA, Khan MN & Sabir S (2006) 'Does Ramadan fasting affect expiratory flow rates in healthy subjects?' SAUDI MEDICAL JOURNAL 27, (11) 1656-1660 Author Site
SIDDIQUI QA, SABIR S & SUBHAN MMF (2005) 'The effect of Ramadan fasting on spirometry in healthy subjects' Respirology 10, (4) 525-528 , DOI
Meo SA, Azeem MA & Subhan MMF (2003) 'Lung Function in Pakistani Welding Workers' Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 45, (10) 1068-1073 , DOI
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Ahmad HR, Subhan MMF, Bokhari S, Ali A & Khan MN (2001) 'Intercept Shift in the Breathlessness/ Ventilation Relationship in Response to Progressive Increase in Workload' 383-388 , DOI
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Masood AR, Subhan MMF, Reed JW & Thomas SHL (1995) 'Effects of Inhaled Nebulized Morphine on Ventilation and Breathlessness during Exercise in Healthy Man' Clinical Science 88, (4) 447-452 , DOI
Reed JW & Feisal Subhan MM (1995) 'Effect of Repetitive Testing on Breathlessness' 123-127 , DOI
Conference Papers


Conferences organised

Mar-April 2012 Main organizer of an International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) Physiology Teaching Conference & Workshop, supported by the IUPS held at AGU on 31 March-1 April 2012. About 100 participants attended; more than 30 from developing countries were provided travel grants. US $ 65,000 sponsorship secured from The Physiological Society (UK), Islamic Development Bank, IUPS, etc. 

Other academic activities

Reviewer of manuscripts for:

Advances in Physiology Education (USA, APS publication, 2009-12)

Annals of Thoracic Medicine (Saudi Arabia, 2006-10)

Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health (Malaysia, 2010)

Health Education Research (USA, 2006-7)

Journal of Diabetology (Pakistan, 2013)

Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society (Bahrain, 2010-11)

Lung India (India, 2010-4)

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (UK, BMJ Group, 2002)

Respirology (Australia, 2006-10)

Saudi Medical Journal (Saudi Arabia, 2011-2)

Additional information

Regularly take part in basketball, cycling, swimming and squash