Hepatology Research Group
The hepatology research group (HRG) is an integral part of the Institute of Health and Care Research: infection, immunity and inflammation.
We utilise state of the art laboratory facilities based in the Derriford Research Facility, and the world class clinical research strengths of the Faculty of Health and Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHNT).
We work in unison with the South West Liver Unit, at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, providing a full range and secondary, tertiary and community Hepatology services to the South West region, including assessment for liver transplantation, TIPS and liver cancer therapy.
The research team run several commercially sponsored clinical trials in hepatitis C therapy, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), primary biliary cholangiopathy (PBC), alcoholic liver disease and liver failure amongst others, through the clinical research facilities of The Lind Research Centre at Derriford Hospital.
Hepatology Research Group Annual Reports

The broad themes of the hepatology research group are:
  • Protection from hepatitis C virus infection – (principal investigator) PI Professor Matthew Cramp
  • Lipid metabolism and the pathogenesis and treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis – PI Dr David Sheridan
  • Alcoholic hepatitis – PI Ashwin Dhanda
  • Molecular virology of hepatitis C and other hepatitis viruses – PI Dr Dan Felmlee

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Environment and liver disease

Developing research work to study the impact of environmental issues on human health will become an important part of our research portfolio. 
This is a key topic for our group with rising concern about the links between environmental degradation / pollution and climate change with poor health. Discussions between Matthew Cramp and Richard Thompson, Director of the Marine Institute at University of Plymouth, have resulted in a new collaboration that will use the skills and facilities of both groups to look at micro- and nano-plastics and their potential impact on gut and liver health. Ashwin Dhanda has been successful at getting internal funding support for a joint PhD student who will join us in 2022.


Hepatology research team

Meet the Hepatology research team:

  • Dr Huey Tan – PhD Student
  • Paula Boeira – PhD Student & Research Technician

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Hepatology Research Group on Twitter

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Minimising Mortality from Alcoholic Hepatitis

Plymouth is now an active recruitment site part of the national MRC funded consortium aiming to minimise death from alcoholic hepatitis (MICAH). Led by Dr Ashwin Dhanda the group is validating a novel bioassay to measure response to glucocorticoid (steroid) therapy.
OPINION – The escalating cost of alcohol misuse, obesity and viral hepatitis
"Liver disease has become one of the most common causes of premature death in the UK, with a cost not just in lives but also to health services and society."

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