Dr Nicola King

Dr Nicola King

Lecturer in Cardiac Physiology (Education)

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Health)



Lecturer in Cardiac Physiology


  • BSc Hons - Napier University, Edinburgh
  • PhD - Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Professional membership

British Society for Cardiovascular Research

Roles on external bodies

Former elected member of the executive board of the British Society for Cardiovascular Research



Teaching interests

Cardiac physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology

I am module leader for:
  • BHCS1008: Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology
  • BHCS3001: Personal Research Project
  • BHCS3018: Specialist cardiovascular investigations.



Research interests

The main focus of my research is the role of amino acids and dipeptides in the heart. In particular, I concentrate on membrane transport, hypertrophy, and myocardial protection against oxidative stress and ischaemia reperfusion. Most recently I have been investigating the expression and role of glutathione peroxidases in the kidney with ageing and remote ischaemia pre-conditioning of the heart. 

Grants & contracts

2009-2012 - The Brunei healthy heart projects: sourcing strategic Halal antioxidants. Brunei Government 1,440,000 BND

2007 - Can nurses and biomedical scientists learn and work interprofessionally? A pilot in Brunei for a comparative regional study. 1837.5 BND

2005-2007 - An investigation into the expression and activity of cysteine transporters in heart: relationship to glutathione synthesis and cardioprotection. British Heart Foundation (BHF) £126,200

2002-2004 - Amino acids and myocardial hypertrophy: expression, transport and protection. BHF Intermediate Fellowship £131,732

2002-2004 - An investigation into the expression and activity of the cystine-glutamate exchanger in relation to glutathione's role in myocardial protection. BHF £84,270

1999-2001 - An investigation into the cardioprotective action of glutamate and expression and regulation of its transporters in the heart. BHF Junior research fellowship. £66,410

1999-2001 - An investigation of the expression and regulation of glutamate and aspartate transporters in heart and their implications to myocardial protection. BHF £66,112 




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Other Publications

King N., & Smart N (2008) Report on joint British Cardiac and British Society for Cardiovascular Research (BSCR) Conference. The Bulletin (BSCR) 21:16-20.

King N (2007) Postcard from Brunei. The Bulletin (BSCR) 20:19-22